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Rock M Roundtable: Community Edition

With the weather making its impact, I wasn't sure whether all of our roundtable participants would be on e-mail today ... so here we go: a community Roundtable!

1 - Let's say you're a big-time recruit, and ESPN contacts you about announcing your college of choice on national television on Signing Day.  How do you go about making your announcement?  Choose from a series of hats?  Unzip your jacket to reveal a tie with your new team on it (as I just saw on SportsCenter)?  Other?

2 - Let's say Mizzou does indeed get to Stillwater as planned tonight. Does this awkward couple of travel days impact your outlook on the game itself?  Will Mizzou come out flat?  Will the free-admission crowd create a killer environment?

3 - Let's say, hypothetically, that Mrs. Bill C. is pregnant and due on September 15.  From a Mizzou fan perspective, what would be a worse due date?

4 - Let's say, hypothetically, that Mrs. Bill C. is pregnant. What would be your baby name suggestion (one boy name, one girl name)?