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Mizzou Links, 3-17-11

The hours are getting short if you want to join the Rock M Tourney Challenge!

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Trib: Where have you gone, Ricardo Ratliffe?
  • PowerMizzou: Tigers talk on eve of tourney
  • PowerMizzou: PHOTOS: Practice in D.C.
  • The Missourian: Kim English says a good NCAA Tournament for Tigers would replace a season of struggles
  • The Missourian: Laugh-out-loud Cincinnati faces Missouri in NCAA return
  • KC Star: Tigers are all business in Washington
  • Washington Post: Cincinnati does the Mick Cronin

    Ok. Let’s move on the the Bearcats’ opponent. That would be Missouri, whose press kit mentions how they play the "Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball ." Media members, myself, included, converted this into "40 Minutes of Hell," and off we went.

    "Whose slogan is that, ours or theirs?" Kilpatrick asked me. "I like that slogan, because we have hell, too. So it’s cool. We can deal with that. I mean, throughout the whole year, you play Big East teams, and they bring 40 minutes of hell, so we’re used to that."

    "We’re from the Big East," McClain said. "They ain’t seen no hell yet. We’re hungry. We’re hungry. People still don’t respect that we’re even here."

    "I mean, that’s what they say," Wright added. "We’ve got to go off what they say. We’re gonna see tomorrow. We’re just gonna come to play, and if they give us 40 minutes of hell like they say, we’ve just got to control it and turn it into 40 minutes of heaven I guess. We’re in the Big East, man. You kind of get used to the pressure of playing hard teams."

  • Crimson and Cream Machine: Missouri vs Cincinnati is Big 12's Marquee First Round Match-Up

Other Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • Practice Reports!!
    PowerMizzou: Wednesday practice report
    Early in practice, the offense lines up under-center to work on running drills for the defense. One aspect that's stood out to me is Brad Madison's effectiveness against the run. Last year, he was known more for his pass rushing, but as the starter this year, he's going to have to be just as stout against the run. Even on those rushing plays, he was constantly getting past the tackle and bringing down the running back in the backfield.
  • Smart Football: Quarterback drills with Missouri's Dave Yost, guru, dude
  • PowerMizzou: Centers: Snap decision
  • ESPN's David Ubben Visits Missouri Continuing the QB line at Missouri VIDEO: Missouri QB James Franklin Missouri DE Brad Madison an unlikely star Tigers continue growth in secondary
  • Bonner Missouri defense loses a starter
    College Football Talk: Dislocated elbow likely costs Donovan Bonner rest of spring practice
  • It's Pro Day!
    The Trib: Gabbert will make case for No. 1 status
    The Missourian: Gabbert, other former Missouri football players prepare for Pro Day (Don Banks): Blaine Gabbert has much to prove at Missouri pro day
    The Sporting News: Blaine Gabbert will try to make case as top QB
    USA Today: Blaine Gabbert: Attending NFL draft 'what I've always wanted to do'
    Pro Football Talk: Gabbert's deep accuracy questioned as he gets ready for his closeup Panthers to hold private workout with Missouri QB Gabbert

Big 12 Football Links

  • Dr. Saturday: First glance: Iowa State dusts itself off again

Other Mizzou Links