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NCAA Tournament Live Thread: Thursday Morning

Time for four days of nearly non-stop live threads! Taking off of work/school?  Watching from work/school?  Talk about it here!

11:15 AM CT

East: No. 5 West Virginia vs No. 12 Clemson (CBS)

11:40 AM CT

Southeast: No. 8 Butler vs No. 9 Old Dominion (TruTV)

12:40 PM CT

Southwest: No. 4 Louisville vs 13 Morehead State (TBS)

1:10 PM CT

West: No. 7 Temple vs No. 10 Penn State (TNT)

1:45 PM CT

East: No. 4 Kentucky vs No. 13 Princeton (CBS)

2:10 PM CT

Southeast: No. 1 Pittsburgh vs No. 16 UNC-Ashevile (TruTV)

3:10 PM CT

Southwest: No. 5 Vanderbilt vs No. 12 Richmond (TBS)

3:40 PM CT

West: No. 2 San Diego State vs No. 15 Northern Colorado (TNT)