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NCAA Tournament Live Thread: Early Thursday Evening

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There are still quite a few games to go before Mizzou and Cincy tip off ... are we in for another set of crazy finishes, or did we already meet our quota this afternoon?

5:50 PM CT

Southeast: No. 2 Florida vs No. 15 UCSB (TBS)

6:15 PM CT

Southeast: No. 3 BYU vs No. 14 Wofford (CBS)

6:20 PM CT

West: No. 3 UConn vs No. 14 Bucknell (TNT)

6:27 PM CT

Southeast: No. 4 Wisconsin vs No. 13 Belmont (TruTV)

8:20 PM CT

Southeast: No. 7 UCLA vs No. 10 Michigan State (TBS)