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NCAA Tournament Live Thread: Friday (Late)

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The evening approaches, and thousands of Mizzou and Kansas State fans have suddenly become gigantic Boston U. fans.  The entertainment value of both yesterday's and today's early sessions has been quite high ... will this evening have more juice than yesterday evening did?

5:50 PM CT

Southwest: No. 1 Kansas vs No. 16 Boston U.

6:15 PM CT

East: No. 2 North Carolina vs No. 15 Long Island

6:20 PM CT

Southwest: No. 3 Purdue vs No. 14 St. Peter's

6:27 PM CT

East: No. 6 Xavier vs No. 11 Marquette

8:20 PM CT

Southwest: No. 8 UNLV vs No. 9 Illinois

8:45 PM CT

East: No. 7 Washington vs No. 10 Georgia

8:50 PM CT

Southwest: No. 6 Georgetown vs No. 11 VCU

8:57 PM CT

East: No. 3 Syracuse vs No. 14 Indiana State