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NCAA Tournament Live Thread: Saturday

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Eight second-round (YES, SECOND ROUND) matchups on the docket today, and ... damn, if they aren't all somewhat interesting.

11:15 AM CT

East: No. 4 Kentucky vs No. 5 West Virginia (CBS)

1:45 PM CT

Southeast: No. 2 Florida vs No. 7 UCLA (CBS)

4:15 PM CT

Southwest: No. 12 Richmond vs No. 13 Morehead State (CBS)

5:10 PM CT

West: No. 2 San Diego State vs No. 7 Temple (TNT)

6:10 PM CT

Southeast: No. 1 Pittsburgh vs No. 8 Butler (TBS)

6:45 PM CT

Southeast: No. 3 BYU vs No. 11 Gonzaga (CBS)

7:40 PM CT

Southeast: No. 4 Wisconsin vs No. 5 Kansas State (TNT)

8:40 PM CT

West: No. 3 UConn vs No. 6 Cincinnati (sigh) (TBS)