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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - On a scale of one ("THIS TEAM IS A BUNCH OF F%@#$@&*% LOSERS") to 10 ("Who cares? They don't play on opponents' home courts in the NCAA Tourney. Mizzou's fine"), where is your mindset regarding Missouri and last night's road showing?

2 - Alright, do the Big 12 Tournament Bracket Generator
again.  Tell me your resulting seeds.

3 - I'm pretty sure I ask a version of this question every year, but who cares: With Conference Tourney season on the horizon, which tourney do you typically look forward to the most (Big 12 aside)?

4 - Be honest: Are you following @CharlieSheen on Twitter?

Michael Atchison: 1.  This team is totally baffling.  And given that I don’t know what to think of them, I’ll put them at a five.  I still think they’ll play better in a tournament environment, but . . . but . . . I don’t know.

2.  1. Kansas  2. Texas  3. A&M  4. K-State  5. Colorado  6. Mizzou  7. Baylor  8. Nebraska  9. OSU  10. OU  11. TT  12. ISU

3.  I probably change my answer every year, but the Big East is a display of beautiful brutality.

4.  No.  He came on the Today show this morning, and I turned the channel.  The whole world is enabling his problems right now.  Turn away, let the professionals help him.

Though I did see a tweet from John Stamos saying that the rumors that he would be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men were untrue, but that Martin Sheen had asked him to be his son.

Bill C.: "The whole world is enabling his problems right now" ... what, you mean it isn't normal for a guy to pick up over 750,000 Twitter followers IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS???

Michael Atchison: Those were just his girlfriends.

Bill C.: He'll be here all week, folks.

Bill C.: So in my Google Reader just now, I have Google News pieces from SB Nation ("Blaine Gabbert moves to No. 1 in SBN's mock draft") and Bleacher Report ("With the 15th pick in the BR mock draft, the Dolphins select Blaine Gabbert.").  Mock drafts: fun and worthwhile.  And, if you're Bleacher Report, incredibly awful.

Doug: 1 - Eh, I'll say 5. True, they don't play NCAA Tournament games on the opponents' home courts, but they don't play all the games in Columbia, either. Missouri lost in a neutral court environment that was closer to a home game then a road game to a not-that-great Georgetown. I think the Big 12 Tournament will be a major portent for what is to come in the NCAA's for Missouri, they could easily make it to Friday or Saturday (especially with the 24-hour turnaround), or they could get dropped on Wednesday.

2 - I don't think I can disagree with Atch's results.

3 - Any tournament that has games going in the middle of the day on ESPN so I can ignore my normal work duties. So, yeah... all of them.

4 - Not yet, but if there's going to be that much winning taking place on one Twitter feed, how can I say no? By the way, I'm actually disappointed some university hasn't come up with a graduate degree in "Winning". That sounds like it would be right up the alley for Brown or Berkley or the University of Phoenix.

ghtd36: Good morrow, guys.

1- I'm at a 6; I still think the ceiling for this team is sky-high, and they are built for the tournament (no time to prepare, tired legs, etc.). Obviously, you don't like not being able to perform away from home, but that essentially becomes a non-issue.

I retweeted a Mizzou fan last night (follow me @Tepper) that said Mizzou was "a bunch of losers." THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE THE NCAA TOURNAMENT FOR THE THIRD CONSECUTIVE SEASON. Jesus. I'm starting to revert back to football mode, where I want Mizzou to win not so that Mizzou wins, but so I don't have to listen to dumb Mizzou fans complain.

2- Texas, Kansas, TAMU, Kansas State, Mizzou, Colorado, Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Iowa State. Which would mean Mizzou's path to Big XII Destiny would be Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas, Kansas. I could definitely see Mizzou in the Big XII semifinals.

3- It's hard not to love the Big East, but now all of a sudden, I'm totally interested in the Mountain West tournament. Well, not necessarily the first couple rounds, but when it inevitably gets down to BYU, San Diego State, UNLV and a bubble team (Colorado State or New Mexico), it's going to be interesting. Now that Davies has been lost for the season for BYU, it has to be the Jimmer show even more. It will be fascinating.

4- No. He is doing the Joaquin Phoenix bit better than Joaquin Phoenix. He's going to go crazy for about two weeks, then it will leak out that he was faking it to build the Charlie Sheen brand. And you know what? It's working. I made the analogy on Twitter a couple of days ago (again, follow me @Tepper).

Attention : attention whores :: movement : Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you stop paying attention to him, he will go away.

ZouDave: 1 - I'm pissed off at their effort last night.  Losing isn't something I'm unaccustomed to, certainly.  I don't really get down because of a loss.  But the effort the Tigers played with is wholly unacceptable.  All I've ever wanted out of Mizzou teams is competitive fire and playing like you care, whether you're better than your opponent or you're going to win or not just give everything you have.  We're not seeing that, and I don't like that.  So I'm closer to 1 than 10 right now simply because I'm angry at their effort.  But overall, I'd say I'm about a 5.  The 10 on this scale is stupid because we also don't play NCAA Tourney games on OUR home court.  I know we've only lost 1 neutral site game this year, but that was basically a Mizzou home game and it was against a NCAA Tourney caliber team.

2 - 1-kansas, 2-Texas, 3-aTm, 4-KSU, 5-Colorado, 6-Missouri, 7-Baylor, 8-Nebraska, 9-OSU, 10-OU, 11-Tech, 12-ISU

NU Wins, CU wins, Baylor wins, Missouri wins
ku beats NU, KSU beats CU, Texas beats Baylor, Missouri beats aTm
KSU beats ku, Texas beats Missouri
KSU beats Texas (because they always beat Texas)

KSU becomes the hottest team in the country, ends up a 3 seed in the NCAA Tourney.

3 - I doubt I'll watch any one other tourney.  I'll watch the Big XII tourney for sure, and the rest will just depend on what's on.  Big East should be awesome, ACC is always fun and I bet the Mountain West (projected) Final will be intense.

4 - Not at all.  Didn't watch the 20/20 special last night after the game, don't really care what that loser does.  Two and 1/2 Men was the single worst show on TV so whatever means it took to cancel it I'm glad it's gone, but I can't believe this guy is getting this much positive attention.  He should be getting the Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson treatment right now where people just don't even want to associate with him, acknowledge him or admit they've ever watched him.  The last thing I truly remember enjoying of Charlie Sheen was Major League.  Before that movie he did a lot of good stuff (Platoon and Wall Street, especially) and Major League is one of my favorite movies of all time.  But since then, he's useless.  And Major League was more than 20 years ago.

Bill C.: 1 - I'll say a 6.  I do think a neutral court will bring out a solid version of Mizzou (Georgetown might not be great, but they were great that night, so I'll excuse that), but the fact that it is the upperclassmen who were dragging this team down the last two games has me both dismayed and annoyed.  Each of the last two games were at least somewhat there for the taking as long as anybody other than Marcus Denmon or, to a lesser extent, Mike Dixon stepped up ... and nobody did.  Maybe they will at home again this weekend, but if the team's leaders are still capable of that type of performance, this team's ceiling isn't as high as I thought.

2 - With Mizzou beating Kansas, I got ... 1 UT, 2 KU, 3 ATM, 4 KSU, 5 MU, 6 CU, 7 BU, 8 NU, 9 OSU, 10 OU, 11 Tech, 12 ISU.
With Kansas beating Mizzou, I got .. 1 KU, 2 UT, 3 ATM, 4 KSU, 5 CU, 6 MU, etc.

3 - I basically try to watch all or most of the conference finals and most of the Big East tourney, basically.  Don't tend to watch a second of the Big Ten, SEC or Pac-10.  And I'm not sure how well-televised it is, but in terms of smaller conference tournaments, I think the CAA tourney could be outstanding this year.

4 - Not yet, but I know I'll break down at some point.  I'm weak.

ZouDave: that's a lot of basically's


Bill C.: You basically suck.

ghtd36: You basically nailed it.

ZouDave: Still basically true, but I'm basically right.

ZouDave: Had these all been tweets (follow him @Tepper) we could have #basically trending around the world right now.

ghtd36: Additional question: this is my last day at my current job. I'm not going to do anything crazy, because burning bridges ain't my style...but...

...if you were leaving your job and were going all scorched earth on it, what would you do on your last day?

SleepyFloyd7: Boys, I feel like someone tinkled in the Wheaties this morning. Here goes:

1 - Our friends in black & gold picked a fine time to start playing their worst basketball. All of the things I want to see a team do at this time of the year (defense, guts, shot-making, inspired performances) went missing last night. Mike Anderson has been saying in recent weeks that he hasn't seen this team put together their best basketball game yet. Well, Coach, either they find that game in the next 3, or we have seen them play their best and it wasn't anywhere close to expectations (ours as fans, or yours as the coach). Mark it 6, Dude.

2 - Kansas (14-2), Texas (13-3), A&M (10-6), Kansas State (10-6), Colorado (9-7), Missouri (8-8), Baylor (7-9), Nebraska (7-9), Oklahoma State (7-9), Texas Tech (5-11), Oklahoma (4-12), Iowa State (2-14)

3 - I'll watch some Arch Madness, Big 10, Big East, unless Dexter Season 3 comes on Netflix this week - then none of them.

4 - I am following him, because, come on bro, that's what winners do.

ZouDave: Well, since I'm the Exchange Admin (among other things) at my job, I would probably select all staff accounts, right-click, delete, and walk away.

On my last day at CompUSA some 10 years ago, I took my time card (we had to swipe it to clock in and clock out), taped it to a piece of paper and wrote "Dave [NAME REDACTED JUST FOR FUN] - 1997 - 2001" at the top and "I'm out, bitches" on the bottom then photocopied about 20 copies of that.  I spent my last half hour walking around the store and taping copies of that sign up for people to see (nowhere in customer site).  It wasn't much, but I enjoyed it.

(30 minutes later...)

Bill C.: So this might be my favorite Google hit of all-time.  Search words: "cartoon picture of yertle the turtle"

I smell repeat visitor!!

ghtd36: Rock M Nation: The Internet's Leader in Obscure Cartoon Illustrations.

ZouDave: and I think I remember the Roundtable where that came up!  I posted a picture of Yertle the Turtle comparing him to Maggie Gyllenhall!

ghtd36: The next step: RMN Classic, a spinoff site that rehashes all the crap that wasn't worth reading the first time around.

Episode 1: ghtd36's failed 2009 Big XII Baseball Tournament preview.

Bill C.: Episode 2: The Boy's 2008 Missouri-OSU football preview, in which he predicts a 51-27 Mizzou win.

Doug: So Rock M Nation has gone from re-hashing previous seasons in Missouri athletics, to re-hashing previous posts on Rock M Nation.

Congrats on officially going meta, guys.

Bill C.: Anything to make this roundtable not suck.

ZouDave: Why should we not suck?  Our team did.

ghtd36: When this Roundtable -- talking about the meta nature of RMN Classic  -- shows up on RMN Classic, the Internet will implode.

Michael Atchison: Just saw on the news crawl that Tennessee has surpassed Missouri in meth labs and busts.  This week hasn’t been all bad.


ZouDave: Missouri:  Hey, we're not Tennessee!


ZouDave: lol, hadn't seen that in awhile.  Man that's awesome.

(Three hours later...)

ghtd36: Know what else is awesome?


(15 minutes later...)

ZouDave: I, uh, don't know if that's going to happen

ghtd36: The new iPad came out today. I am unimpressed.

ZouDave: bullet point the new features, I'm lazy and busy (a dangerous combo)

ghtd36: The biggest additions are that it's faster and that it has the forward-facing camera, so video chat is available. Oh, and it comes in white, for all you racists out there.

SleepyFloyd7: Camera on the front? I gotta start wearing pants.

ZouDave: does it ONLY have a camera on the front?  Because I don't think it had any kind of camera before (I know the one we got mom for Christmas doesn't).  I tested out a Samsung Google Tab over December and it was freaking awesome.  It had not only a regular digital camera in it but also had the facing camera for Skype, etc.

Google Tab > iPad

SleepyFloyd7: The Cynic's Secret to Happiness in Life (c) to to overshoot lowered expectations.

Sports fans, of course are not able to do this, of course. To love a team is to see possibilities and morph them into expectations.

For most fans of big-time programs, with conference or national championship aspirations, anything short of a Championship is a disappointment. Sometimes, winning only brings a feeling of relief, not joy. It is one of the cruelties of fandom.

To really experience joy, I am going to make concerted efforts to tamp down my own expectations (for while I try to maintain optimism in my walkin-around-life, at heart, I fear, I am a cynic). When my team wins, I will strive to enjoy the moment because, as Gary Link tells us, "Winning is HARD, Partner." When my team loses, well, them's the breaks.

Oh, and I will never watch my team play Nebraska again. See? There's some positivity!

ghtd36: Also: In-N-Out Burger will open in Dallas in a matter of weeks.

Oh yes.

Bill C.: Take this handy guide with you when you go.

4x4 Animal Style with chopped chilies and whole grilled onion?  With Animal Style fries and a Neopolitan shake?  I'd die happy.  I mean, I would literally die ... but happy.