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Mizzou Basketball Coaching Search: Tuesday Evening Thread

And the beat goes on ... another 800 comments, another live thread...

Highlights of the LAST thread:

2:23pm: Bernie on Twitter:

Painter not on the MU jet; that means nothing bad for MU; Painter would want to talk to his Purdue players before taking MU gig.

2:24pm: New Press Release from Purdue!

Dear Purdue Alumni,

Thank you to everyone who showed up at today’s "Please Don’t Leave Matt" rally. Ironically, I believe we would not be in this situation had more than 11 of you showed up. You suck. Money doesn’t grow on trees you tightwads and rallies don’t populate themselves. Hell, it’s no wonder Painter wants to leave. I’m practically out the door myself if Mizzou has an opening. Now the AD is giving me the stinkeye. Yeah, well f*&@ you too buddy!

Nancy L. Cross
Sr. Associate Athletics Director-Development and Sports

2:24pm: Painter's not on the plane!

2:27pm: My reaction to Painter not being on the plane:

Honestly, while getting Painter on the plane would have been pretty much 95% confirmation that he was taking the job…I was struggling to figure out why he would fly to Columbia right now…while on vacation with his family. He’s seen Columbia. Supposedly seeing Mizzou Arena was one of the reasons he wanted to pursue the position to begin with. I was hoping it would happen, but it still didn’t make any sense…

2:57pm: Bernie feels good about Mizzou's chances.

* I'm told Matt Painter is not on the Mizzou private flight that just took off in FLA, bound for mid-Missouri. This means little. If anything, this is a good sign for MU. If Painter is taking the Missouri job, he wants to meet with his Purdue players in West Lafayette, Ind. He would not travel directly to Columbia.

* A source with knowledge of Painter's thinking tells me that Painter has done a "remarkable amount of due diligence" on the Mizzou job, and that everything has checked out on his end. He would feel good about taking the job; no red flags were raised.

* The momentum is on Mizzou's side right now ... I'm told by a source that Painter was largely unmoved by Purdue's late pitch.

3:08pm: Via @goodmanonfox:

From a source close to Matt Painter: ``This isn’t as easy as many think. He still hasn’t made a decision yet. Still working through it."

3:47pm: Via Vahe:

How methodical is Painter? Has called STL-area coaches to check out scene, got list 60 D-1 players out of MO last six years went elsewhere

Holy moly.

4:06pm: OMG MAD MEN!

Last week The Hollywood Reporter revealed that deal delays between Lionsgate and "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner would cause the show to miss its usual summer premiere spot. Bad news indeed, but it allowed loyal "Men" followers to hold out hope that they’d only have to wait until autumn rolls around. Not so.

According to "Mad Men’s" network home, AMC, another season of the hit show is on the way, but it won’t air until next year.

"While we are getting a later start than in years past due to ongoing, key non-cast negotiations, ‘Mad Men’ will be back for a fifth season in early 2012," the network revealed in a statement issued to the New York Times.

What’s behind that all-important negotiation stall? According to a recent report, Weiner can’t quite get past certain money-saving and money-making requests from AMC and Lionsgate, namely that he add product placement into the "Mad Men" mix, shave two minutes from each episode for ad room and perhaps the biggest road block of all, that he cut two cast members from the lineup. (Our pals at report that AMC has asked Weiner to cut SIX cast members, not two.)

4:15pm: Tepper discovers Painter, sandwiches and Photoshop.

4:20pm: Via KC Star:

Matt Painter will wait another day to decide whether he wants to remain the men’s basketball coach at his alma mater, Purdue, or take the vacant opening at Missouri.

According to a source with knowledge of the meeting between Painter and Missouri athletic director Mike Alden on Tuesday morning in Orlando, Fla., Painter listened to Missouri, did not say yes or no, and now is pondering what his decision will be.

4:20pm: More ghtd36, more Photoshop.

4:39pm: Via KC Star:

Purdue offering 2.3 million...

4:59pm: Via Bernie:

Mizzou AD Mike Alden has asked Matt Painter to make decision by noon Wednesday…