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Mizzou Links, 3-7-11

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MU-KU, Big 12 Tournament, the state of Oklahoma basketball, a fantastic Gary Pinkel Q&A, Mizzou Softball owns MO, Mizzou Baseball ... doesn't own UI-Chicago, Mizzou Women pull an upset, Mizzou Wrestling does well, Bobby Knight drops a CS bomb, Luis Suarez dribbles through 17 guys ... it's Monday, so it's a loaded Monday Links!

Mizzou Basketball Links

Big 12 Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • Blog: Mizzou Football Spring Updates, Pinkel Excited for 2011
  • The Trib: Rock-solid foundation at Missouri
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Pinkel Spring Q&A, Uncut (Probably worth one of your free clicks if you a non-subscriber.)

    Q: What needs to get better as these league changes take place? Better facilities? Better recruiting?

    A: I think it’s everything. It’s recruiting. It’s facilities. It’s how you market your program. It’s the consistency of doing things over and over and over again at a high level. It’s graduating your players. It’s winning games. That’s how you change. And that’s how you grow. And the more you win, the more people move you up in that category.

    It’s interesting because I had a player in here the other day that we’re recruiting. He’s 17 years old. He only remembers Missouri winning. You go back when we first got here, and they had two winning seasons in 16, 18 years, whatever it was. Back then, when we brought a 17-year-old kid in here, all he knows is that Missouri loses. They’d been losing for years and years, so he doesn’t’ have a very good attitude. Now, you flip it. I’m talking to this guy, and all he remembers is that Missouri always wins.

    What I’m saying is it’s the consistency of doing it over and over again. … To me, it’s a little bit like Virginia Tech. (Beamer) stayed there. He could have left many times. And I think he’s been there 22 years now. And now all of a sudden Virginia Tech is considered a national football team. And it wasn’t 15 years ago.

    It’s just a matter of continuing to win. But we’re in a place where you can do it. The reason we’re having success here is not because I’m a great football coach. It’s because we have a lot of great people here. It’s a place that became committed to winning. Mike Alden building facilities. Intelligent scheduling. And a great university. Everybody’s been talking about Missouri forever. I heard that for 15 years before I came here about what a great job it was even when they were struggling. But to continue to flip the attitude and to continue to get national prominence, it’s all the stuff we’re doing, continuing to build and continuing to invest in the facilities, keep winning and keep graduating your players. Eventually, you change attitudes.

  • Chase
    The Trib: Daniel will endow football scholarship at MU
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Chase Daniel sets up endowed scholarship at Mizzou
    KBIA Sports Extra: Chase Daniel announces endowment scholarship
  • Gabbert
    USA Today: Mobility helping quarterbacks move up draft board, too
    Mocking the Draft: 2011 NFL Draft No. 1 pick wide open
  • Pro Day
    We Are Mizzou: Pro Day 2011
    The Trib: Tim Barnes, other former Tigers get first chance to make impression on NFL scouts
  • (Jerry Jones): Can He Work Under Center? (This is awesome. It reads like Jerry Jones discovering the Internet for the first time.)

Mizzou Softball Links

Mizzou Baseball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Wrestling
    The Missourian: Missouri's Schavrien, Bradley win Big 12 wrestling titles
    Daily Oklahoman: OSU takes Big 12 wrestling championship
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Mizzou Holds off No. 23 Iowa State
    The Missourian: Full court press helps Missouri win final home game of season
    The Missourian: Cyclones fold under pressure of MU senior night
    KC Star: Missouri women hold on to upset No. 23 Iowa State 49-48 Mizzou to Face Texas in Big 12 Championship
    Austin American-Statesman: UT women open Big 12 tournament Tuesday, against Missouri


  • The Dagger: Bob Knight drops a verbal bomb on ESPN's College Gameday
  • EPL Talk: Luis Suarez Wonder Dribble Against Man United: Video (Sorry, CPC ... this was awesome.)