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A Year Ago Today

Since I really don't think Mizzou fans are in a place to handle an April Fools joke this year (okay, fine, I couldn't come up with a good idea ... though who knows if RPT and ghtd36 have something in mind...), I felt I would just give the others at both Rock M Nation and Rock Chalk Talk another pat on the back for a job well done.  Last year's April Fools joke was pretty great.  To me, at least.  Let's recap.  Also: SPREADBONE!!

  • 5:24am - Rock M Nation: Mizzou Links (setting the table with a well-timed Cole Aldrich compliment)
  • 6:00am - Rock Chalk Talk: Depth: Who Coaches It Well
  • 8:30am - Rock M Nation: Why the Flexbone would work for Mizzou
  • 8:45am - Rock Chalk Talk: RCT Staff Announcement: Myself
  • 10:15am - Rock M Nation: The Rafters, Class of 2010 - Cole Aldrich
  • 11:50am - Rock M Nation: Quin vs Norm
  • 12:15pm - Rock Chalk Talk: Did Someone Say April Fools?
  • 12:35pm - Rock M Nation: Aaaaaaaaaaaand ... scene.