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Mizzou Links, 4-15-11

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Haith likes transfers

    Haith has had success with transfer players in his past. Jack McClinton was the most accomplished member of the Miami program during the coach's seven-year run in South Florida. His name and number hang from the rafters of the school's arena alongside Rick Barry and Tim James. McClinton joined the Hurricanes program as a transfer from Siena before developing into a two-time first-team All-ACC performer.

    More recently, Malcolm Grant, a Villanova transfer, averaged a team-best 15 points last season while leading Miami to the quarterfinals of the National Invitation Tournament. The team is set to add the services of 6-foot-11 Florida transfer Kenny Kadji, a native of Cameroon whom Haith believes can develop into an NBA prospect.

    Haith's motivation for exploring transfers isn't limited to adding more experience to his 2012-13 roster. He'd also like balance out the classes in the program so that that he isn't in a situation every two years where he's trying to replace six or seven players at a time. That's something Mike Anderson and his staff struggled with.

    "It’s hard to get those big classes," Haith said. "It’s going to take us some time now because of the way it’s imbalanced to get where you’ve only got three or four each year because I think you can maintain if you can get it to that point. There may be a year where you’re going to have five, but six, that’s a hard number. You can always kind of sell the Fab 5 thing, but six, that’s a hard number. But we will. We’ll make it work. Even with that six, maybe there’d be a transfer in there because they could be available the following year, too."

Other Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib: Black & Gold Primer: Recharged defense
  • PowerMizzou: Safety dance
  • KC Star: Mizzou defense dominates spring practice

    "The D-line is kind of taking advantage of the quarterback thing," acknowledged E.J. Gaines, a cornerback who returned one of those picks 32 yards for a score. "Knowing that they’re kind of a little scared under pressure, and rolling out a little quicker than Blaine might have."

    James Franklin admits to inexperience at quarterback being a problem against a seasoned MU defense.

    Particularly with the sophomore Gaines and junior Kip Edwards showing one intent while producing another.

    "They act like they’re going to jump the short route and want us to take the go route," Franklin said. "It’s really tough, but it helps us get better."

    Rolling out QUICKER than Gabbert? Hmm.
  • PowerMizzou: 2011 Tiger Mailbag
  • Gabbert Odd that projected top-five pick garners so little buzz

Big 12 Football Links

  • The Trib: An alternate look at the day in sports (Dave Matter on the Big 12 TV contract)
    KC Star: Big 12 deal ends poaching season
  • Texas
    Burnt Orange Nation: Is "We're Texas" the reason we're 5-7?

Other Mizzou Links