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Saturday Live Thread

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Black & Gold Game thoughts will obviously come at some point later today or tomorrow morning, but until then ... it's another Live Thread Saturday!

11:15 AM CT

FA Cup Semis: Manchester City vs Manchester United (Fox Soccer Channel)

12:00 PM CT

NBA Playoffs: Indiana at Chicago (ESPN)

1:00 PM CT

Mizzou Football Black & Gold Game
Watch live here with Mizzou All-Access

2:00 PM CT

Alabama Spring Game (ESPNU)

2:30 PM CT

NBA Playoffs: Philadelphia at Miami (ABC)

3:00 PM CT

Arkansas Spring Game (ESPN)

3:30 PM CT

Mizzou Softball vs Oklahoma at University Field (FSN)
Don't forget the sign contest!

4:00 PM CT

Mizzou Baseball vs Kansas at Taylor Stadium
Hopefully it goes better than last night.

6:00 PM CT

NBA Playoffs: Atlanta at Orlando (ESPN)