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Mizzou Links, 4-26-11

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

2011 NFL Draft Links

It's official: Blaine Gabbert's stock has now risen, fallen, risen and fallen again ... all since the last time he played a game (and in the meantime, all he's done is run a good 40, nearly ace Mizzou's pro day, and give good interviews). We need to have the draft a week after the combine, just to save these people from overthinking. Ggh.

Mizzou Football Links

  • PowerMizzou: What we learned: Secondary
  • How Much Does the BCS Top 25 Spend On Recruiting? (Mizzou is no Boise State, but not bad at all...)

Other Football Links

  • Dr. Saturday: Fiesta Bowl will be judged by a jury of its old golfing buddies (Yikes, this is sleazy even for college football...)

Mizzou Basketball Links

Big 12 Basketball Links

  • Kansas
    The Dagger: Revamped Kansas releases a heavyweight 2011-12 schedule
  • Texas
    CBS Sports: Making the Leap: Longhorns hit hardest by draft

Other Mizzou Links


  • Fangraphs: How to Speak Sabermetrics to a Mainstream Audience