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Mizzou Links, 4-27-11

This guy might be a bit bulkier next year.
This guy might be a bit bulkier next year.

Draft Links

  • The Trib: Gabbert leaves MU offense behind in showcasing skills for NFL
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Getting a draft buzz with Bunting
  • Buffalo Rumblings: Baker's Dozen Bills Scheme Fit: Blaine Gabbert (An absolutely outstanding post.)

    While not the project that other quarterbacks in the class are, Gabbert is still a project. He's going to need reps running Gailey's vertical timing plays, in particular, to solve whatever issues he has completing deeper throws. Keep in mind that the plays described earlier are the among the simplest reads; the majority of the plays from the offenses are much more complex, and involve both sides of the field, and the running backs.

    If forced to play early, Gailey will need to narrow his offense to away from vertical timing plays. While this seems to be OK, with Gailey able to draw plays from the other three philiosophies, taking away the vertical timing plays will allow a defense to collapse all 11 defenders inside 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. This will clog up the horizontal timing lanes, and diminish the run game.

    Gabbert reminds me of another player Buddy Nix drafted: Philip Rivers. Like Rivers, it is in Gabbert's best interest to sit a year (or two) to learn the vertical timing offense and open up his passing options.

  • Cat Scratch Reader: The gravity of the Panthers' decision should they select Gabbert
  • SB Nation KC: Blaine Gabbert's Selection Range is Widening As NFL Draft Approaches
  • Scout takes pride in 'rogue' label
  • NBC Sports: Report: Redskins still want to deal up for QB

Mizzou Football Links

  • KC Star: The Ups and Downs of Mizzou's Spring Depth Chart

    3. Junior to be Rolandis Woodland is No. 3 at the X wide receiver slot and Woodland may be running out of time to deliver on the potential so many believed he had. He is quite obviously not the next Jeremy Maclin. But perhaps this is one of those who is being delivered a message by the coaching staff about the difference between potential and tangible performance.

    4. Andrew Wilson doesn't like to talk about himself to the point of paranoia. But the redshirt sophomore-to-be out of Peculiar has risen to a starting spot at strongside linebacker for a reason. Case in point, a wide receiver saying - after a bone-jarring hit - that he didn't know who delivered it but that it felt like Wilson. If Wilson can continue to do that, no one will worry about the Sound of Silence approach to media ops.

  • The Bootleg's 2011 Graduation Rate Analysis
  • Fox Sports MW: Derrick Washington eyes return to football

Big 12 Football Links

  • Big 12 Sports: Three Additional Big 12 Football Games Announced as Early TV Selections

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Trib: New strength coach brings a little bulk to Missouri basketball

    The man overseeing the pushing has been new strength-and-conditioning coach Todor Pandov, who two weeks ago started Dixon and his teammates on a three-day-a-week weightlifting regimen.

    It’s a first step as he begins to help them retool their bodies for a new brand of basketball under Coach Frank Haith, one dependent more on strength than the speed and agility required for the Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball of predecessor Mike Anderson. That’s particularly true for forwards such as Laurence Bowers, who will be asked to bang under the basket.

    Pandov, a 31-year-old native of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has a good idea what physical attributes will be important for Haith’s system. He spent two stints on the coach’s staff with Miami, working as a graduate manager during the 2007-08 season before returning to South Florida to be the head strength coach before last season.

    "Coach and I talk all the time about what he wants the guys to be like and what he expects them to be," Pandov said.

  • PowerMizzou: The visits begin

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball Baseball Uses Homers to Top EIU, 7-5
    The Missourian: Missouri defeats Eastern Illinois 7-5 Mach Named Big 12 Player of the Week Mizzou Baseball Game Day: Missouri State Bears @ Simmons Field
  • Mizzou Softball No. 8 Mizzou Hosts SIUE Wednesday
    The Missourian: Fleming, Hudson bring home run rivalry to Missouri softball
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Men's Golf Charges at Big 12 Championships
    The Missourian: Missouri in sixth after second round at Big 12 Championship
  • Mizzou Women's Tennis
    The Trib: Missouri hires new women's tennis coach