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Mizzou Links, 4-28-11

Jimmie Hunt hasn't broken free from veterans on the depth chart just yet. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Jimmie Hunt hasn't broken free from veterans on the depth chart just yet. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Draft Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Answering the BTS Mailbox

    Q: Kudos to veterans Gerau and McGaffie (and young vet Washington) for holding off their much-touted competition at WR so far. What did they do to hold their positions on the second team, and is time running out for Clark, Stricker, and especially Woodland? — arnezzi

    A: Fans are concerned with the post-spring depth chart as to why the Class of 2010 receivers (Jimmie Hunt, Marcus Lucas, Bud Sasser) are still buried behind older players. After watching spring practices and talking with the coaches I'm not all that surprised. It's about consistency and doing your job on every snap. I remind those fans of this comment receivers coach Andy Hill made to me a few weeks ago regarding his receivers, young and old: "We really think our front-line guys are playing where it looks like it should look. They’re playing at a high level consistently every single day. They’re not making every single play, but for the most part they are. For the young guys it’s still kind of a jostle. There is a lot ability. And you see flashes of good things. And then you wonder what they’re thinking the next play. … The bottom line is we want guys who know what they’re doing and play hard every play. We’re working on their habits, their skills and just every single play making sure it counts." ...

    This staff really likes the young receivers — but they're in a position where they have to earn playing time. And before they can catch starters like Wes Kemp and Jerrell Jackson, they have to outplay second-teamers like Brandon Gerau, Gahn  McGaffie and L'Damian Washington. That didn't happen consistently in March and April. As for Rolandis Woodland, an ankle injury cost him two weeks of spring practice. I thought he was making some headway as far as catching the ball last season but not so much this spring. There's a lot of talent and depth at receiver on this team, maybe too much for him to earn anything more than a part-time role. Same goes for Stricker and Clark. They do have some hope in that MU wants to play at a faster tempo this season and sub in more receivers, like it did in the Insight Bowl.

  • PowerMizzou: 2011 Tiger Mailbag
  • We Are Mizzou: Mizzou Spring Team Bonding

Other Football Links

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Big 12 Hoops: College Basketball Attendance: Big 12 Ranked Fourth in Fans Per Game

Other Basketball Links

  • Kelvin Sampson, NBA head coach? (This would be an epic traveshamockery.)

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball Tigers Perfect in Win Over SIUE
    The Missourian: Thomas, Nottelmann combine for perfect game in Missouri rout
  • Mizzou Baseball Tigers Topped by MO State, 5-2
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Mizzou Golf Finishes Fifth at Big 12 Championship

Other (i.e. Tuscaloosa Tornado Links)