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Mizzou Links, 4-4-11

Swear to god ... the Haith news broke about one minute after I closed my laptop last night.  I'm actually not upset about that -- even with the random power outage we had last night, I still got about two more hours of sleep this way than I otherwise would have.  Also: after reading about the first 50 comments, I think I'll just go ahead and close last night's impromptu 500-comment thread.

My first reaction: huh.  (Actually, my first reaction was "We got the South Florida coach?  Oh ... HAITH.  Wait ... what?")  I go back to what I said at the beginning of the search -- it's been 12 years since Alden made a bad hire, so I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially considering there is a very good chance this was the "solid No. 2 choice" we heard about a few days ago (otherwise I cannot imagine the process would have moved this quickly ... if he was your No. 10 choice, then you at least wait another day or two -- Haith wasn't going anywhere tomorrow).  If Alden makes good hires, and this is an Alden hire, then it must be a good hire ... right?  Something like that?  So over the next few days, I'll try to figure out WHY this is good ... and If it's so good, then why the heck has Miami only been a decent program under him?  As a fan, I'm completely befuddled and confused right now.  As a blogger, I'm thrilled.  Time to get to work.  After today's links, anyway.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Hmm.  Guess I need to delete a bunch of the links I had compiled since "Alford denies contact" doesn't really apply right now.

  • The Trib: Haith agrees in principle to take Missouri job
  • KC Star: MU to hire Miami's Frank Haith as hoops coach
  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou hires Miami's Frank Haith to succeed Anderson
    Post-Dispatch: MU coaching hire is a surprise
  • The 7th Floor (SBN's Miami blog): Frank Haith to Missouri (no, really)
    MIami basketball coach Frank Haith has agreed in principle to be the next coach at Missouri. I doubt any fans or anyone in the athletic department are shedding any tears, but Miami is an extremely tough job, and Haith will have a much better chance to succeed at Missouri. And, he left some good talent behind.
  • Big 12 Hoops: Frank Haith headed to Missouri
    • He's a great recruiter.  Look at his rosters in Miami: he's had a lot of talent over the last six seasons (and has a solid team built for next season with Durand Scott, Malcolm Grant and Reggie Johnson assuming they all stay).  No doubt, better facilities and better support will only help.
    • Remember he's coming from Miami.  I often make jokes about Nebraska not caring about basketball, but Miami makes Nebraska look like Kentucky.  Miami averaged 4700 fans in 2010, and having watched many of those games that's a very generous estimate (Nebraska by comparison averaged nearly 10,000).  Home court advantage doesn't exist.
    • His win loss record is misleading.  As @hokieguru pointed out on Twitter, this season Miami lost 8 games by a total of 15 points. Next year, I'd be shocked if the Hurricanes don't make the Big Dance.
  • KBIA Sports Extra: Report: Mizzou hires Miami's Haith as next basketball coach
  • Rush The Court: Missouri Casts Its Lot With Frank Haith
  • The Dagger: Irate Missouri fans blindsided by hiring of Miami's Frank Haith
  • The Trib: Some reporters burned by itchy Twitter fingers

Big 12 Basketball Links

  • OU Makes a Hire
    Daily Oklahoman: New OU coach Lon Kruger known for righting programs, running a clean ship

Mizzou Football Links

Big 12 Football Links

Mizzou Softball Links

Mizzou Baseball Links

  • No. 5 Texas 5, Mizzou 4 Baseball Falls, 5-4, at No. 8 Texas
    The Trib: MU baseball team lets lead slip away at Texas
    The Missourian: Missouri baseball team loses at Texas
  • Texas 5, Mizzou 2 Early Innings Sink Tigers at No. 8 Texas
    The Missourian: Missouri baseball team drops second game at Texas
  • Texas 10, Mizzou 1 Baseball Falls in Series Finale at Texas (You know it's bad when they don't put the score in the headline...)
  • The Trib: Aaron Crow earns first MLB victory

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Gymnastics Tigers Finish Season at NCAA Regional Championship
    The Missourian: MU gymnasts end season at regionals
  • Mizzou Track & Field
    The Trib: MU freshmen throwers manage to stand out despite redshirt status
    The Missourian: MU Relays give brothers first and last chance to compete in same event
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Tigers Finish 14th At Ole Miss