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Mizzou Links, 4-5-11

Haith Links

  • Mizzou Hires Frank Haith To Lead Men's Basketball Program

    "I'm honored to be named the new head coach at the University of Missouri and I want to thank Chancellor Brady Deaton and Director of Athletics Mike Alden for believing in me and presenting me with this tremendous opportunity to come back to the Big 12 Conference and lead this program," head coach Frank Haith said. "I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for this university and this program. We coached against Norm Stewart. Mizzou Arena and the facilities here are first class. The support of the students and administration is second-to-none and the tradition is outstanding. I'll tell you this Mizzou Nation, we are going to win and win big!

    "Now with that being said, I also understand this is the Show-Me State," Haith continued. "Fans want to know that you are just as invested in them and their program as they are in you. And we will work tirelessly on the recruiting trail and we will develop first class young men, not only with the way they perform on the basketball court, but how they conduct themselves academically and in our community."

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  • KC Star: MU announces Miami's Haith as new hoops coach
    KC Star: MU's Alden faces controversy again over coaching hire (again?)
    KC Star: Mizzou hire of Miami coach takes fans by surprise
    KC Star (Mellinger): Franks Haith and Martin, stress at Missouri and K-State, and it's all related
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  • KBIA Sports Extra: Alden expresses confidence in face of fan criticism as MU announces new basketball coach
    KBIA Sports Extra
    : A brief history lesson on Frank Haith
    KBIA Sports Extra: Miami fans not heartbroken at loss of Haith
  • SB Nation KC: Frank Haith To Missouri Is A Good Hire, Right?

Kimmie & Bowers

A Football Link

  • Smart Football: Why every team should install its offense in three days (and other political theories on coaching offense)

Other Mizzou Links