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Mizzou Links, 4-6-11

Mizzou Basketball Links

Big 12 Basketball Links

  • Kansas
    USA Today: Kansas' Josh Selby working out in Vegas, but 'no decision' yet on NBA
  • Kansas State
    Lawrence Journal-World (AP): Frank Martin happy at KSU, but would listen to Miami

Mizzou Football Links

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Spring Practice No. 10: Back in action

    James Franklin got his only interception out of the way early, throwing it on his very first snap of 11-on-11, a pick by cornerback Randy Ponder on a sideline route intended for Lucas. From there, Franklin was sharp, converting a third-down with a floater over a couple blitzing defenders that Gahn McGaffie somehow snagged over the middle. Franklin ended his final possession with a slick 2-yard TD run on a zone-read option. Franklin hasn't done much running this spring, focusing more on going through his progressions and staying patient in the pocket.

    Tyler Gabbert moved the chains on his first series, drilling a third-down pass to T.J. Moe on an underneath pattern against tight coverage from the No. 1 defense. A snap later, another third-down simulated play, Gabbert gunned a strike to a diving Kemp for the first down. I don't think there's any question that Gabbert has the strongest arm in terms of velocity and squeezing the ball into tight windows. And of the three, he's the least reckless with the ball — and probably considerably more prudent with throwing the ball away than his brother was at this stage. On his final possession, a red-zone drill, Gabbert feathered a tunnel screen to Kemp, who zigged and zagged through a wall of blockers for a 15-yard touchdown.

    PowerMizzou: Back in action

    Besides the depth chart changes, the biggest story of the Tuesday's practice may have been a subtle one. On a few plays during team drills, the quarterback would line up under center with a running back behind him. A tight end would be attached with his hand on the ground, and just behind him, another running back would line up.

    Does that mean Missouri is using a ... fullback?

    "We don't call them a fullback," Pinkel said, playing along with a reporter's joke. "We call him a halfback."

    But, according to Lawrence, that's the position Greg White and Jared Culver were playing in that formation.

    "Yeah, it's a fullback," Lawrence said bluntly. "We're trying to get some new looks out there."

  • Gabbert AFC East Blog: Gailey explains two most critical QB traits

Other Football Links

  • Mercury News: Pac-12 TV negotiations: It's all about exposure (and a little money, too)

Other Mizzou Links


  • The Trib: Harley Race wrestling show coming to Columbia (!!!!!!!!)
  • 50 of the Best Opening Lines in Music