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Mizzou Links, 4-8-11

No more of these guys!!!
No more of these guys!!!

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

  • Kansas
    KC Star: KU's Morris twins depart together for the NBA
    KC Star: Who's staying for Kansas?
    CBS Sports: Making the Leap: Morris twins sign with agent
    ZagsBlog: Morris Twins to Enter NBA Draft
  • Rush the Court: Behind the Numbers: VCU & Butler Prove the Limits of Analytics

Mizzou Football Links

  • Practice Reports
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Spring Practice 11: Scrimmage Sampler

    I'll write about this more for Friday's Tribune, but Missouri has such a unique situation at the receiver position with every player who caught a pass last season back on the roster, plus a handful of underclassmen looking to make an impact. He only had one catch on Thursday, but for my money's worth, Kemp's having a strong spring and he's consistently catching the ball and getting upfield when given the chance. He's clearly lighter on his feet, and after Thursday's scrimmage I learned why: Wes Kemp told me he's down to 215 pounds after playing most of last season around 228. There's been a buzz surrounding MU's young fleet of receivers — Bud Sasser, Jimmie Hunt and Marcus Lucas, especially — but receivers coach Andy Hill said he's been impressed with his first-team catchers — Kemp, Jerrell Jackson, Michael Egnew and T.J. Moe — and still needs to see more consistency from the underclassmen. "With the young guys, it's still kind of a jostle," he said. "There is a lot of ability. And you see flashes of good things. And then you wonder what the heck they're thinking on the next play. But we're encouraged by the improvement. There's just so many guys, it's got to still work itself out."

    PowerMizzou: Working for the weekend

    The story of Thursday's abbreviated scrimmage was a few young players stepping up. During the first two weeks of practice, early-enrollee freshman Wesley Leftwich looked overmatched and confused. But, a switch must have flipped for the Columbia native, as he's looked like a completely different player over the last four practices. On Thursday, running with the third-team, Leftwich caught three passes for 58 yards and two touchdowns. 48 of those yards came on one play, where Leftwich got to do what he does best -- run fast. He blew past Robert Steeples at the line of scrimmage and caught a perfectly placed pass down field from Ashton Glaser.

    Early on, Leftwich seemed to be struggling with just catching passes. His production at Hickman never stood out, so a lot of people (myself included) were writing him off early. He's proving us wrong now, and he even got a few reps with the second-team offense. His production of late isn't going unnoticed, as Gary Pinkel gushed about him after practice.

    "He's got great speed, but I'm very impressed with his ball skills," Pinkel said. "You get a guy like that, who has great numbers, quickness, speed, explosion, strength, he's got incredible numbers for a first year player. Then you also see a guy with ball skills, his potential is on the upside. We're pretty excited."

  • Post-Dispatch: Tyler Gabbert seems to have edge over James Franklin as Missouri QB
  • The Draft Game Changers - DL: The Interview (YES.)
    Arrowhead Pride: Mizzou's Aldon Smith Was On Chiefs Radar Last Year (In case you missed it in FanShots.)
  • Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: 2012 Football Hot Board: Defense
    NY Times (Fifth Down Blog): 2010 Falcons: What the Film Revealed
  • Football Season Tickets On Sale

Big 12 Football Links

Other Mizzou Links


  • Rolling Stone: The 25 Boldest Career Moves in Rock History (The order of these is absolutely ridiculous -- Britney shaving her head was more bold than Sinead tearing up the pic of the Pope, eh? -- but still a semi-entertaining read.  Just pretend they were thrown into random order.)