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Mizzou Links, 5-10-11

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We start with ... Tyler Gabbert?  Mark Turgeon?  No.  Jay Nixon.  After this David Ubben piece, I have no choice.

After the Big Ten announced in December of 2009 that it planned to explore expanding the league's membership, Missouri governor Jay Nixon was outspoken in support of Missouri exploring the possibilities of a move to the Big Ten.

His comments, though, caused Bohn to assess what lied ahead in Colorado's future.

""The governor's remarks got me going. We had to do something, and fast," Bohn told the Denver Post's Woody Paige.

The Pac-10 had hired former Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg as chief operating officer. Bohn and Weiberg fast-tracked private talks, and the Buffaloes announced intentions in mid-June to join the Pac-10. The next day, Nebraska turned to the Big Ten. Missouri was left behind.


Nixon's hilariously ineffective, misguided clarifier that preceded his inflammatory comments didn't earn Missouri any friends across the conference, but I doubt anyone thought it could have accelerated the process of expansion during the summer. Nevermind that his comments were dealing with Big Ten expansion. His comments appeared to have the biggest effect on Pac-10 expansion.

With half the Big 12 still mulling a move to the Pac-10, Colorado booked its ticket west to try and connect with its large alumni base in California, leaving Baylor likely without a home and the Big 12 South's other five teams with a decision to make.

Ultimately, they decided to stay in the Big 12, which is why you aren't reading this post on the Pac-16 blog.

Had Nixon kept quiet, who knows what would have happened
. But at the very least, it seems Colorado's move to the Pac-10 might have come a bit later, if at all.

I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. No, it didn't have anything to do with money or opportunity ... it was that darn Missouri governor opening his big mouth (almost six months before invitations went out) that caused Colorado to leave.  "Had Nixon kept quiet" ... Larry Scott still would have attempted to hit a home run, and Colorado still would have probably ended up in the Pac-12, thinking that 4-5 other Big 12 schools might be soon to follow.

If I could create a time machine to go back and get Nixon to shut the hell up, I would.  Not only did it do no good to completely alienate Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, but it created the "Mizzou's opening up its blouse and throwing itself at the Big Ten!" perception ... which also obviously did Mizzou no good.  But ... please.  If this honestly affected Bohn's decision -- if this was Bohn's first hint that things were a bit dysfunctional in the Big 12 -- that's on Bohn, not on Nixon.  I love the thought that one comment a Mizzou alum makes impacts the rest of the BCS universe, but ... please.


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