2011 Rock M Nation Softball Playoff Stubble Contest!

Alrighty guys, gals, and Mizzou loving computers! The moment everyone has been overlooking for a grand total of two weeks is finally upon us! With the NCAA softball playoffs starting on Friday, May 20, for Mizzou, at University Field, as it would happen to be, its time to begin the 2011 Rock M Nation Softball Playoff Stubble Contest!!

Here's the deal: Shave your face (for the guys), or shave your legs (for the gals, and guys who can't grow beards), or shave your motherboard (for mizzou2396), take a picture of your clean shaven skin or circuits and hold onto it for a couple of weeks.

Over the following weeks, watch the ladies decimate the competition in Biblical manners! Chelsea Thomas will rain frogs! Kristin Nottleman will turn people who look back into pillars of salt! Rhea Taylor will make donkeys talk!

When Mizzou is holding the gangplank of the old, old wooden ship, Diversity, otherwise known as the NCAA Championship Trophy, over their heads, snap another picture of your follicle infused skin or computing unit.

I'll create another post once the ladies are done on their Path to Immortality. Post your pictures there, and we'll leave it up for a couple of days. Peruse these wonderful still images at your leisure. One final post, with a poll, will decide the winner! The winner will get the satisfaction of knowing that they, of all the readers of Rock M Nation, have the closeset genetic link to a Sasquatch! (Maybe Bill C. or RPT could see their way clear to throw in a t-shirt as well. One that says "I Grew an Award Winning #TremendousStubble Beard and All I Got was this Lousy T-Shirt" or something to that effect.)

So get your bottles of Rogaine ready! And good luck ladies!

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