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Mizzou Links, 5-24-11

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It's been a busy couple of days for Gary Pinkel on the recruiting trail...
It's been a busy couple of days for Gary Pinkel on the recruiting trail...

Okay, I could have sworn the Big 12 had decided to keep the 'Big 12' name a year ago, but I guess they didn't make it official until yesterday...

Mizzou Football Links

Because of everything else going on, I have unintentionally given short shrift to the fact that Mizzou has gotten two commitments in two days from interesting Texas athletes from towns I've never heard of.  On Sunday, linebacker Torrey Boozer of Everman made his commitment official (he had offers from Arizona and Houston) and gave some great quotes like "I like to hit people."  Yesterday, safety Chaston Cuffee of Cleburne did the same, passing up offers from Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.  I'm relatively sure I've heard of Cleburne, actually, but I'm not sure why or how.  Regardless, welcome aboard, guys!  They join JUCO LB Markus Golden and running backs Jonathan Williams and Morgan Steward on the commit list.

The via Gary Pinkel's Twitter profile, a picture of Blaine Gabbert in a Jags uniform...

Other Football Links

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  • Dr. Saturday: The next Heisman Trophy will be brought to you by Aflac
  • Harvey Updyke talks with Wright Thompson about life, death and the trees at Toomer's Corner
  • Smart Football: What is the Norris-LaGuardia Act? The legal issue at the core of Brady v. NFL
  • Big East Coast Bias: CBS: Big East Football Coaches Favor Expansion to 12 Teams

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Negus Webster-Chan has plenty of connections

Mizzou Softball Links


A good GM is fired because of his "lack of chemistry" with the owner.  Ahh, yes.  That's the stuff.  A few weeks ago on Twitter, I posted that Arsenal looked so dysfunctional and unstable that I felt strange not being a fan of theirs ... like a girl unattracted to a bad boy or something.  Actions from the Blazers front office back up that line of thinking.  Poor Portland.  Dedicated fans treated to a ridiculous front office.

  • Blazers
    Blazers Edge: Blazers Part Ways With GM Rich Cho
    Blazers Edge: What We Learned From the Firing of Rich Cho
  • Other SNL: Mozart (A dress rehearsal skit that somehow didn't make the main show.) (True Hoop): Tony Allen tweets a fender bender

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