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Mizzou Links, 6-13-11

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This weekend's huge set of visitors is just now trickling back toward their homes, so there is not much news yet ... as we wait for the good folks from PowerMizzou to track them all down, here are some links for you...

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Recruiting: Keion Bell
    CBS Sports: Pepperdine's Leading Scorer Tripping to Missouri
  • Recruiting: Shawn Smith
    PowerMizzou: Mizzou visit surprises Smith

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Friday Four & Out

    Last Friday was easily one the most memorable, most heartbreaking, most enlightening days in my 13 years writing about sports. This wasn't a story about sports per se, but about a team, and not even an entire team, just a cross-section of Gary Pinkel's latest team and their experiences during a 14-hour day devoted to the tornado-ravaged town in southwest Missouri. A couple random thoughts on the MU contingent: Offensive lineman and Joplin's own Mark Hill easily won MVP honors for his tireless work hauling debris, lugging trees and taking on a leadership role among the group. Hill was a machine tearing through the wreckage. … I can think of seven or eight seniors who are worthy candidates for team captain this fall, and several made the trip to Joplin. One stood out above the rest in terms of commanding a presence among his teammates: defensive end Jacquies Smith. When he talks, everyone listens. … Linebacker Will Ebner has paid his dues in the court system, and I hope MU fans can forgive him for last year's screw-up. One of the nicest, funniest, most thoughtful players that's come through Pinkel's program. … After making the eight-hour round-trip bus ride with the team, I'm pretty sure I heard Jerrell Jackson's voice in my sleep for the next few nights. Jerrell, you better bring the same flavor to interviews starting in August.

  • Daniel and Joplin New Orleans Saints QB Chase Daniel reflects on his relief work in tornado stricken Joplin, Mo.
  • Recruiting: Michael Scherer
    PowerMizzou: 'Knew it all along'
  • Recruiting: Jaron Alexander
    PowerMizzou: Show-Me Speed
  • Gabbert
    Pro Football Talk: Blaine Gabbert, Larry Kennan Podcast
  • Offensive Lines
    The Trib: Despite drain in star power, Big 12 liens worth watching
  • The Trib: The sport beyond reform
  • Post-Dispatch: To pay or not to pay college athletes?

"Big 12 Is Alive And Well" Links

  • The Trib: Dan Beebe paved way to the score
  • The Trib: MU enters a new era of Big 12 play
  • The Trib: Year after commissioner helped save Big 12, conference looks to be a leaner, smooth-running machine
  • Daily Oklahoman: How sharing revenue helped bring the Big 12 back from the brink
  • Tulsa World: A year later, the Big 12 looking strong

Other Mizzou Links


  • Big Man
    Rolling Stone: E Street Band Saxophonist Clarence Clemons Has Suffered a Stroke Clarence Clemons suffers stroke
  • Cael Sanderson
    YouTube: 84 kg FS: Sanderson dec. Raymond Jordan
    YouTube: 84 kg FG: Sanderson pin Chris Pendleton