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Today's Philosophical Question: Knowing What You Know Now...

So we are about two months into the Frank Haith era. He has reached out to both current students and Missouri citizens as a whole. He has brought together a seemingly strong staff. He has built goodwill with his work in Joplin. He is bringing an incredible number of top-notch recruits for unofficial visits to Columbia. He hasn't actually done anything yet, really ... but he has still taken many positive steps, and it's safe to say Missouri fans feel better about the hire now than they did initially.

So the question for today is simple:

If you had the choice, knowing what you now know, who would be Missouri's head basketball coach next year?

1) The known quantity that is Mike Anderson, with all of his strengths and flaws.

2) The unknown quantity that is Frank Haith, with his mediocre career record, charisma and recruiting potential?

This should really probably be a Wednesday roundtable question, but what can I say ... I like to mix things up a bit. This isn't a "who should Mizzou have hired?" question; it's simply a choice between the old guy and the new guy.