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M-I-Z ... E-R-Y: Mizzou's Favorite People To Hate

Today we move from suffering to hatred.  After yesterday's "tough losses" nominations, we now move on to People We Love To Hate.  They can be players or coaches ... the reasons can be rational or random ... which Mizzou opponents have you taken the most enjoyment out of hating in your time as Mizzou fan?

Hated Coaches

I'll once again kick-start the process by tossing out a few names, the first of which was so obvious that I put him in the montage above.

Billy Tubbs, Oklahoma Basketball (1980s-1990s)
Kelvin Sampson, Oklahoma Basketball (1990s-2000s)
Buzz Williams, Marquette Basketball (present)
Tom Osborne, Nebraska Football (1970s-1990s)
Bill McCartney, Colorado Football (1980s-1990s ... for one particular reason

Hated Players

Again, of both the rational and irrational varieties...

Jerrod Haase, Kansas Basketball (1990s)
Eduardo Najera, Oklahoma Basketball (1990s)
Jeff Boschee, Kansas Basketball (1990s)
Lawrence Phillips, Nebraska Football (1990s)
Shevin Wiggins, Nebraska Football (1990s)

Your turn.