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Mizzou Links, 6-23-11

#Mizzou baseball player @JonahSchmidt25 is going to try out (punter) for the football team soon.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Well, he's not a swimmer/diver, but I guess he'll do...

Mizzou Football Links

Other Football Links

  • John Michael McGee
    Daily Oklahoman: Sooners get commitment from Texas OG John Michael McGee (McGee expressed an interest in Mizzou and hoped to visit, but OU was always his favorite. Bummer.)
    Crimson & Cream Machine: OU football gets 2012 verbal #10 with OG John Michael McGee
  • Podcasts
    Kegs 'n Eggs: Bob Stoops Talks Big 12, Quarterbacks and Offseason Tragedy
    Solid Verbal: Bruce Feldman

Basketball Links

  • The Calipari Plan
    CBS Sports: Calipari presents his solution for paying players (CBB Blog): Calipari spitballs pay-for-play solution
    The Dagger: Calipari's plan to pay players' living expenses: secede from NCAA

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball Jamieson, Team USA Open Play Thursday
  • Mizzou Softball Tigers Set to Join Team USA


  • Food
    Serious Eats: Dinner Tonight: Omelet Gramajo (Interesting.)
  • Self-Share
    Roll Bama Roll: Go Forth and Consume: Crimson Tide Kickoff 2011 is Here!

And I assume everybody's seen this, but just in case...

And I'm a Mac guy, but this is phenomenal...