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M-I-Z... E-R-Y: Buzz Williams vs Todd Reesing

Mizzou went 4-1 against today's two competitors, so we'll consider this a more enjoyable hate...

Buzz Williams

Aside from Ron Prince, there might not be a more enjoyable person to hate on this list than Buzz Williams. It is difficult to make such a strong impression on a fanbase in just one game, but Williams managed to do that in Missouri's 2009 NCAA Tournament matchup with Marquette. He managed to infuriate Mizzou fans in all the ways that Kelvin Sampson once did, and he managed to throw an incredible fit at the end to boot.

Williams is here mostly for comic relief, obviously, but ... the morbid curiosity involved when Williams was briefly mentioned as a candidate for the Mizzou vacancy in April? Epic. Heads would have exploded, especially later on when we may have actually begun to (gasp) ... like him. Thank goodness we can hold onto this random, silly hatred.

Todd Reesing

Really, if not for the 2008 game at Arrowhead, Mizzou fans would have little reason to even remember Todd Reesing. They went 3-1 against him, they took him down in the biggest game in the history of the Border War, and they ended his career with a second sack in the same end zone two years later. But the 2008 game happened, so he makes this list. Oh yeah, and...

That too.