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M-I-Z... E-R-Y: The Sweet 16

We've completed one round of our most depressing tournament ever! Huzzah! Let's take a look at how the bracket has taken shape.

Note: To fully account for my brainfart, in which I briefly thought I had forgotten Eduardo Najera (when in fact I gave him the No. 7 seed) I rearranged the bracket so that No. 7 Eduardo Najera remains in the seven spot below. That means flipping the Hinrich-Arrowhead 2008 matchup to this side of the bracket (thereby avoiding an "Arrowhead 2008 vs Todd Reesing" matchup that would have torn a hole in the space-time continuum).

If we're judging solely by how well they did in the first round, here is a ranking of the eight entries on this side of the bracket:

1. 2004 Mizzou-Kansas Basketball
2. Fifth Down (No. 4 seed)
3. 1960 Mizzou-Kansas Football (No. 5 seed)
4. Flea Kicker (No. 1 seed)
5. Roy Williams
6. 2008 Mizzou-Kansas Football
7. 1990 Mizzou-UNI basketball
8. Ryan Robertson (No. 8 seed)

Oh, Ryan Robertson. Always underperforming when Mizzou's involved. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Looks like the third and fourth matchups on this side might be some knock-down-drag-out battles.

Rest of the bracket after the jump.

Here's the same set of rankings for this side of the bracket:

1. Todd Reesing
2. Tyus Edney (No. 2 seed)
3. Athena-Gate
4. Gary Link Fires Quin
5. Them Crackers Shaking (No. 3 seed)
6. Cole Aldrich
8. Eduardo Najera (No. 7 seed)

No seeds have been knocked off yet, but on this side of the bracket, it's safe to say that a couple of seeds might be underdogs, particularly Eduardo Najera in his battle against upstart Todd Reesing.

The voting starts again tomorrow.