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Mizzou Links, 6-3-11

(Jeff Lautenberger photo via
(Jeff Lautenberger photo via

Mizzou Softball Links

So we learned two things last night:

1) Mizzou was still nervous. The "0-fer the WCWS" thing has become a "thing," it seems, and Mizzou will continue to play tight until ... well, until they don't.  Hopefully the sight of a familiar face (Oklahoma) in the next game allows them to finally loosen up a bit (though Mizzou's history with Oklahoma in must-win situations, in all sports, has me nervous, so we'll see).  But between the first-inning miscues in the field, and Chelsea's struggles with first-pitch strikes, and the fact that experienced players like Ashley Fleming and Marla Schweisberger were swinging for eight-run home runs every time they came up with a runner on, Mizzou players weren't completely relaxed and playing their game.  The Beef and I agreed yesterday that Florida was the worst possible matchup for Mizzou, and it showed (god, can they hit the ball), but Mizzou still didn't give themselves a chance because they were in their own heads again.

2) First-pitch strikes, first-pitch strikes, first-pitch strikes.  Here are Florida's hitting stats from last night based on three categories:

Chelsea Throws a First-Pitch Strike: 2-for-11 (1 single, 1 HR, 5 K)
Chelsea Throws a First-Pitch Ball: 3-for-8 (3 singles, 3 K, 4 BB)
Florida Swings at First Pitch: 3-for-4 (2 singles, 1 HR)

So basically, when Chelsea got an 0-1 count, Florida's on-base % was .182.  When Chelsea got a 1-0 count, Florida's OBP was .583, and when she threw a predictable/hittable first pitch, Florida's OBP was .750.  You can't just throw it over the plate on the first pitch because they'll whap it, which makes things less simple than "THROW STRIKES!" ... but even Chelsea is at a severe disadvantage starting 1-0.

Mizzou Football Links

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