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Tremendous Stubble Charity Drive: The Fun Part

UPDATE (Friday, 1:50pm Central): Been in touch with the wonderful MU Health people, and we're beginning the donation process (getting the money from PayPal to them, basically). I'll keep you guys apprised and will giddily announce a final total when, you know, the money is actually donated, but let's put it this way: you guys freakin' rule.

If you haven't donated yet but still want to, we encourage you to follow this link and donate directly to the MU Children's Hospital. Or, if you donated and want to donate again, go to that link. You know, you should just bookmark that link.

So, in short: you guys rule, and if you haven't donated yet, send it directly to the hospital instead of to me. K THX BYE.


Hey, you guys remember a few weeks ago, when we started pledging money to the MU Children's Hospital for all of the good things that the Mizzou softball team did in the Women's College World Series?

Well, the season finally came to an end for the Mizzou softball team and our super best friend Ehren "Tremendous Stubble" Earleywine, but not before making a little history (what up, first win in Oklahoma City) and a lot of money.

And now, we ask you to make good on your pledges.

If you forgot what you pledged, go back to the original post and find it. Then, use this handy-dandy cumulative guide of all of the occurrences during MU's WCWS run to calculate your own total.

7 wins
9 home runs
2 shutouts
1 appearance in the Final 8
2 run-rule victories
81 strikeouts by Chelsea Thomas and Kristin Nottelman
8 Mizzou walks in the fifth inning
1 15-strikeout performance by Chelsea Thomas
74 strikeouts by Chelsea Thomas (side note: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
17 extra-base hits

We ask that you send in your donation by Friday, June 10 at noon. That way, we can send it along to the MU Children's Hospital before the weekend.

And, look: I'm not going to hound people about making good on their pledges. If you're going to welch on your pledge, that's your prerogative, and I'm not going to go looking up who did and didn't make good. But before you consider welching, consider this:



A cheap ploy to make you feel bad about welching on your pledge? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

If you have any questions, leave 'em in the comments. Otherwise, here's yo' donation link, peeps.

[I removed the link because you should probably just donate directly to the hospital now. -ghtd36]
And, as always, we can't thank you, the RMN Community, enough for your generosity. You guys freakin' rule. Bully!