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Rock M Roundtable!

Everybody say hi to our newest roundtable member, D-Sing!  He assures us we won't be hearing from him before 10:30 CT, however, so I'm sure this thing will have died by then. PROVE ME WRONG.

1 - Was last year's win over Oklahoma the last time that Mizzou fans will rush the field? Has Gary Pinkel turned this into a program where these kind of wins are to be expected?

2 - With Terrelle Pryor out the door right behind Tressel, who do you like to win the B1G this year?

3 - You are a high school recruit with an offer to play QB at your choice of schools. You are also a highly regarded baseball prospect.  Go play football and baseball in college or sign with a team?  How high in the draft (or how big a contract) does it take to lure you away from a college campus?

4 - Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman wants Oprah to play Ron Swanson's first wife.  Give us a better candidate.

The Beef: 1 - Solid question…and it should be the last time we rush the field for awhile…but it probably wont be.  I think as a program we ARE there, but our fans still may not quite be.  But with us playing OU and UT and such each year now, I imagine the chances of this happening actually increase just a bit from year to year.

2 - Penn State will always be my answer (mostly since I have no idea what is coming back in the B1G this year).  I bet it will be D-Sing’s answer as well.  PROVE ME WRONG.

3 - It takes the size of the contract the Royals SHOULD offer Starling to lure me away. would probably take less.  College will always be there, but you have to take the money when you can.

4 - Someone hotter and who typically wears less clothing.

Doug: This will be my fastest Round Table ever. Mainly because I'm going south on 35 right now at 70 mph.

1 - With MU now playing OU and Texas every season, I think the chance is still pretty decent there will be a field rushing at least once every few years. Besides, why be in college if you can't run on the field and tear down the goalposts?

2 - I've gotten so use to OSU guaranteed dominance of the league it's hard to see another likely candidate. That said, I'll pick Wisconsin. It seems like thy've been on the cusp the last couple of years.

3 - I would probably take the sure cash, because even 4 - 6 million can last a long handled properly. I think in Starling's case, he has a greater chance to make the bigs in baseball. If someone had offered me just a couple million out of high school, I would have blown off school as wel.

4 - How about Halle Berry?

RPT: 1. As long as the "WE'RE TAKING THE GOALPOSTS TO HARPO'S!" tradition exists, there will ALWAYS be college students waiting from that win so generations of alumni can talk about the experience from their past. That's an extremely tough institution to fight. Wins may be expected from the program, but so many students enter school expecting to have a field-rushing moment as well.

2. I know everyone is trivializing Nebraska (and, why not? It's a ton of fun), but if their game with Wisconsin was in Lincoln instead of Madison, I might take the Huskers to win the B1G. But give me the Badgers for now.

3. It's hard for me to accept the premise, if only because I couldn't personally separate myself from how awesome it would be to play college football. Does hypothetical me love both sports equally, because if so, baseball is a no brainer. Does hypothetical me just think of baseball as a meal ticket?

4. Nick Offerman in a wig.

Michael Atchison: Hi, D-Sing.

1. It won’t be the last time our fans rush the field because fans have now been conditioned to rush the field.  They’ve seen it in person, they see it on TV.  It’s part of the experience of winning a big game.

2. Indiana?

3. I think it depends on the kind of QB you are.  If you’re a run-first type and there’s a lot of money on the table from baseball, you probably play baseball, but you have to either be a first-round pick or be offered first-round money.  You don’t have an NFL future absent a position change.  If you’re the prototype NFL throwing specimen like Blaine Gabbert was, it’s a much tougher call.  If it were my kid, I’d advise college.  I just think it’s a better place to mature into an adult than A-ball is.

4. I know that I’m supposed to know all about Ron Swanson and his Pyramid-of-something-or-other, but I’ve seen Parks and Rec once.  Condi Rice has already played Jack Donaghy’s ex.  How about Iman?  Or Katie Couric has time available.

The Beef: Hell…just about everyone ever affiliated with the Today Show seems to have more and more time coming available


Bill C.: 1. We still have the "haven't beaten Texas in a while" streak going for us. As long as they don't come to Columbia with a losing record, I could see folks tearing down the posts for beating them this November.  That, and if we ever manage to clinch a conference title at home (since there is no title game now), the posts are coming down with vigor.  (Okay, so they "come down" now regardless because of event staff ... you know what I mean.)

2. Michigan. Because why not? Ronnie Hillman went with Hoke to Ann Arbor, right? No? Well ... whatever. Michigan. And I will absolutely pound my chest if that happens (and forget I ever said it if it doesn't).

3. With the route many (Brandon Weeden, Chris Weinke, etc.) have now carved out -- play professional baseball, and if it doesn't work out, come back and be a college quarterback at 25, I have to figure signing to play baseball would be the way to go.  And in the case of Bubba Starling, who was a top ten pick, I think there's about a 5% chance he ends up in Lincoln this fall.

4. Gayle.

Michael Atchison: I don’t think Scott Boras is hanging with the Starlings because of his interest in Bubba’s future as a run-first QB at Nebraska.  5% may be high.

ZouDave: 1 – Well, if Mizzou clinches the Big XII Conference with a home win (now that we don’t have a championship game) then I’d expect the fans to be on the field.  But that should pretty much be the last time once that happens.

2 – Wisconsin, but honestly this is about as much thought as I plan on putting into the Big Ten this year.

3 – Too many variables here.  Was I drafted in the 1st round?  If so, I’m gone.  That’s a ridiculous amount of money, and if it doesn’t work out I can come back and play football (it’s been done a lot).  But beyond that, it’s going to depend on so many things.  Was I drafted by a team I have always wanted to play for?  Am I committed to a school I always dreamed of playing for?  What are my championship prospects in college?

Ah, who am I kidding.  I left college early to take a job that pays far less than a professional athlete makes.  I take the money.

4 – pass.

ZouDave: (and I see Bill C. took the Phil Steele approach to his football prediction)


RPT: No one is going to nominate Dave's sister for Ron Swanson's first wife?

The Beef: Cue the finger

ZouDave: Not if you want to keep your spleen…

Bill C.: But what does a spleen do, really?


The Beef: A spleen has nothing to do with what I want to do to Dave’s sister, I can tell you that much


(20 minutes later...)

ZouDave: I see someone asked about OOTP Baseball in the roundtable questions thread.  Ha, can’t believe that memory still lives.

The new one isn’t even out yet.  Why in the hell would you not do everything in your power to get a sports game out by opening day of that sport?  This game will release on like June 20 or something like that, so just a couple weeks before the all-star game.  Way to capitalize on that one, OOTP.

SleepyFloyd7: 1 - You rush the field when your team pulls an upset. Those chances will be fewer and farther between. The outlier is a good Texas team.

2 - Probably Wisconsin at this point. Of course the Buckeyes may just say, "F-it, let's win this thing."

3 - Baseball (and that #5 pick check) is the way to go. QB at Nebraska is not the same thing as DT at Nebraska, or QB at Texas for that matter.

4 - ZouDave's Mom. Sister makes a cameo-arc in season 5.

/dave, can you take my appendix instead of my spleen? That thing is like a ticking timebomb.

ZouDave: Ah, hell, my mom is fair game.  She turns 65 this year.

The Beef: I would NEVER dishonor the Admiral by making ANY inferences about your mother.

Your sister however…I’d dishonor all night long


ghtd36: I'm in Kansas City -- well, technically, Liberty -- for work through tomorrow afternoon, so I put out the call on Twitter and Facebook for good food recommendations.

I got a lot of good responses, and I know my co-worker and I want to do BBQ tonight. The problem is, there is apparently no consensus.

The name most often thrown around is Oklahoma Joe's, but then it came to my attention that it is operated by Kansas grads.

The name second-most often thrown around is Arthur Bryant's. Then Jack Stacks.

Guide me, oh Roundtable-y friends.

ghtd36: And ZD just said his mom is fair game.


The Beef: Okie Joes is good enough that you get past the kU thing.

Z-man and fries and thank me tomorrow

Bill C.: I overlook the KU thing when I have the opportunity to go to Okie Joe's. You absolutely, positively cannot go wrong with either that or Bryant's.  One question, though...'re a Mizzou grad. You've never eaten BBQ in KC before now?

ghtd36: I have. I ate at Gates, which was very good, but I'm told that I can do much better.

Michael Atchison: You’re a long way from OK Joe’s in Liberty.  Actually, you’re kind of a long way from everything in Liberty, but Bryant’s will be easier to get to from there.  Plus, it’s the great historic KC BBQ place.  Plus, it’s in Missouri.  And it’s just down the street from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  See some history, eat some history.

SleepyFloyd7: Agree with Atch on all counts. Salute the meat, then salute Buck O'neil.

ZouDave: Hey Greg, you realize I (basically) live in Liberty, right?  I live right off I-35 1 exit south of Liberty.  If you need someone to eat dinner with tonight or tomorrow night, let me know.  And Bryant’s is definitely worth the trip, but I still think you need to try Jack Stack or Smokehouse for a nicer, sit-down BBQ meal.  Smokehouse will be easy for you to get to (there’s 2 in the Northland, one in Gladstone and one over at Zona Rosa so both probably 10ish minutes from Liberty) while the closest Jack Stack is at Union Station right downtown.

The Beef: You guys should sweet-talk Atch into treating the two of you to dinner

ZouDave: But he lives like an extra 5 minutes west of I-29…it will never work.

SleepyFloyd7: Plus, I think he eats dinner at 4:30.


Michael Atchison: Actually, I’ll be at The King and I tonight at Starlight Theatre, or otherwise I definitely would buy for Greg and Dave and anyone else in the restaurant or in America.

Spencer’s just jealous of my full head of lustrous and not entirely gray hair.

ghtd36: Hey, hey, hey, c'mon. He eats dinner at 5:30. 'Murder, She Wrote' is on at 4:30.

Michael Atchison: Offer to buy dinner for America is officially rescinded.

ZouDave: Shoot, I can’t even boast a head of not entirely gray hair anymore.  My gray count is WAY over my non-gray count.  I’m on my way to looking like Phil Donahue, if Phil Donahue went on a donut binge.

The Beef: No gray for me…but then again…there is less and less chance any of them will have time to go gray

SleepyFloyd7: I just have high testosterone.

The Beef: You keep telling yourself that.


(just trying to build the suspense, and email count in preparation for his arrival)

SleepyFloyd7: If bald was good enough for Yul Brenner, it's good enough for me!

ZouDave: Wow, two The King and I references in close succession.  That’s masculine.

Michael Atchison: A well-rounded man has no fear of the theater.  Gives him substance.

SleepyFloyd7: Michael Atchisoon is the very model of a modern major-general.

ZouDave: I have no fear of the theater, in fact I’ve seen quite a number of plays.  Just seems like every time I bring one up my masculinity is called into question so I wanted to feel like I was part of the team.

Where’s this D-Sing guy, anyway?  It’s like 11am.  I’m unimpressed.

D-Sing: It's fine. I'm unimpressed by him, too.

Holy crap. What the hell have I gotten myself into? I can barely keep up. Of course, it doesn't help that the work computer sucks, but since I officially only have 17 days left, does it really matter?

1 - Short answer: Hell, no. Longer answer: It won't be, but I hope it does become rare. Last year was a win over #1 (in the BCS, but still) and was a good field rushing time. But unless we're facing #1 Texas (yet another monkey on Pinkel's back) or a highly ranked, "brand name" non-conference team, I don't think it should happen.

2 - I was actually thinking about this when Tressel resigned. I feel like the Big Ten is going to be down this year. Wisconsin tends to do better when they are not the actual target at the start of the season, so making them the favorite is tough for me. My heart is with Penn State in that division, but I don't like their quarterback situation at all. Let's go with Wisconsin in one division and Nebraska in the other division. Someone wearing the color red wins the conference championship game in Indy.

3 - If I'm a first rounder, I go play baseball. If I'm a second rounder or later, I go play football, knowing that the school I chose will allow me to play both sports to keep my baseball game fresh and re-evaluate in three years. 

4 - Since I've only watched one episode of this show, I am not able to answer properly.

ZouDave: I think the real question is, if Nebraska wins their division in the Big Ten in their first year there, will they still show up on Mizzou message boards to talk trash about it?

I say yes.

D-Sing: I would hope not, but am prepared for the fact that the answer will probably be "yes."


(Two hours later...)


ZouDave: FNG killed it, for the record.

The Beef: Agreed…TOTALLY killed it. 

D-Sing: Aw hell. I broke the roundtable. Sorry guys. I'll go hang the shame curtains.

Doug: Make sure they match the shame carpet and wallpaper we installed a while ago.

ZouDave: We’ve never, and I mean NEVER, had a roundtable die before noon until you got here.

Not once.  At least, not once this month.  Wait, did our roundtable last week die before noon?  Shit, I don’t know.  The point is even though this happens every week, it’s still entirely your fault.



Actually, I thought you couldn't spell Failure without F & U....

The Beef: So would a comment about ZD’s sister and matching carpet and window-treatments be too far over the line?

ZouDave: Yes.

The Beef: That’s fair…just thought I would ask before I put it out there.

ZouDave: You’re a gentleman, beef.  A true gentleman.

D-Sing: He was so considerate. Looking out for you, ZD

Doug: Though you didn't establish HOW far over the line.

SleepyFloyd7: How far over the line, you ask?

The Beef: So with the hat tip to Powermizzou (because NO ONE is better at the recruiting game than they are)…Donavin Newsom from Parkway North has committed to the Tigers.  Big-time LB recruit, and perhaps the first of many in-state recruits.  Can you ever remember a year of in-state recruiting that could potentially further change the face of Mizzou football?

Michael Atchison: Dude, I’m reading Grantland.  Stop bothering me.

The Beef: Read the intro from Simmons and the article from Klausterman about the basketball game, which was enjoyable.  The notes in the margin are a little tough to read at points I thought.

ZouDave: In the years that I’ve been following Mizzou football closely, this is the biggest year on its face.  2004 was also a huge year, though, even at the time, when we were able to secure Tony Temple, Chase Patton, Van Alexander, and Will Franklin.  Oh, and some scrub WR from nowheresville (Hayti?  What) named William Moore.  What would he have been like as a WR?

D-Sing: Klosterman doesn't do it for me at all. He leaves me cold. I don't know, but I read him and just go "eh."

Let's see how successful it is over time. I wonder, though, about the backlash towards it I've seen on Twitter and other places. Sour grapes, maybe?

Michael Atchison: I’m not the biggest Klosterman fan, either, and I actually haven’t read any of it, but I know that Chris Jones has a piece up today, and he’s really, really good.  Among other things, he wrote the Esquire feature on Roger Ebert that garnered so much (rightly deserved) buzz last year.

The Beef: That piece looked confusing because I don’t watch reality TV (if it was the same piece)

D-Sing: I watch reality TV, but not those kinds of shows. I tend to stick to things like Pawn Stars or American Pickers.

Michael Atchison: Jones’s piece is about going back to the baseball beat (used to be the beat writer for the Blue Jays).

The Beef: So that is probably not as confusing

ZouDave: I have no earthly idea what you guys are talking about, so here’s this:


(30 minutes later...)


ZouDave: Ooof, and with the good news of Donavin Newsom comes the bad news that Durron Neal has committed to Oklahoma.  Suck.

Bill C.: You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.

ZouDave: For every minute that song is now in my head and won’t leave, I get to punch you in the spleen (which, as we established earlier, is already my property).

Michael Atchison: Let’s play where are they now?, Facts of Life style.

Nancy McKeon, who played Jo, is now the mom on Sonny With a Chance on the Disney Channel, though she appears only rarely.

Who’s got the 411 on Tootie?  The lowdown on Natalie?  The skinny on Blair?

The Beef: At least you did not say the skinny on Natalie….

D-Sing: Mindy Cohn (Natalie) is the current voice of Velma in Scooby-Doo videos.

Why do I know this??????

ZouDave: I saw Blair star as Peter Pan at Starlight Theater like 20 years ago…

ZouDave: I just answered my own question by checking Wikipedia and yes, Charlotte Rae is still alive.

Here’s a snippet from the "Personal Life" section on her Wikipedia page.  Proof that not only can anyone in the world edit Wikipedia, even people who don’t speak English as a first language can do it:

In 2009, Rae was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease that ran in her family. All of her relatives, especially her mother had died from the same disease, when fortunately for Rae, the prognosis was good, she had no flu-symptoms, her cancer was detected early and was needed to be contained, therefore, she became cancer-free, in 2011.

That last sentence is just….awful.  All of her relatives, especially her mother?  What?

The Beef: cue sad chuckle…

ZouDave: Is Mrs. Garrett still alive?