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Mizzou Links, 7-12-11

Jon Hamm told me he was really sorry to cancel at the last minute for last year's #mizzou - OU game for @CollegeGameDay. He watched on TVless than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

Which gives me a reason to post...

Mizzou Football Links

I still think it best if Gabbert sits a year.

  • Gabbert
    The Big Lead: As Many as Five Rookie QBs Could Start On Football's Opening Weekend, and Colin Kaepernick Might Post the Best Statistics

Other Football Links


Other Mizzou Links

For once, the 'Other Mizzou Links' carry the big weight. We've got Askren-on-Askren violence, a healthy dose of John Anderson, two Team USAs dependent on Mizzou...

Visit for more videos

  • John Anderson
    The Missourian: Celebrities laud ESPN's John Anderson for charity golf tournament
    The Missourian: MU cheerleaders raise money at John Anderson Celebrity Golf Invitational
  • Mizzou Baseball Jamieson, Team USA Wrap up Summer Slate Mizzou Baseball Summer Update - Week Four
  • Mizzou Softball Thomas Pitches USA to Victory


A) I've read 11 of the 60 books below, and I fully assume that Atch has read at least 25; B) Mmmmm ... bourbon.