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Sunday Live Thread

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Pretty sure it's already 85 degrees outside ... and the ants that are now in our kitchen are immune to the cinnamon that scared off other ants for the last three months (whoever mentioned that trick on here, by the way, thanks a lot ... it worked wonders for quite a while).

1. Aaron Scales Commits To Mizzou

PowerMizzou: Haith adds a big man
The Trib: Tigers get pledge from North Carolina PF
KC Star (Campus Corner): North Carolina big man gives 2012 nod to Mizzou hoops

So the big news of the weekend thus far is that Frank Haith has a) scored a big man for the 2012 class and b) brought in another teammate of Rodney Purvis. Aaron Scales has already drawn about 855 comparisons to Steve Moore in the last 18 hours or so, and one look at this limited film shows why. He's a defender and hustle guy who comes right out and admits that his offensive game needs work. If he's the only big man Mizzou signs in this large 2012 class, then it might be a little worrisome, but if he's one of a few big men (and looking at how the projected roster for 2012-13 lays out, he almost certainly will be), then this could be a great pickup.

(And, of course, if it makes Rodney Purvis that much more likely to commit to Mizzou, then it has extra value beyond simply what Scales might or might not contribute in his time here.)

PowerMizzou: Hoops Hot Board

There are still a ton of names, both big and small, on the 'hot board' for the 2012 class, though I found it funny that, right after PM posted this list, we got a commit from somebody not on the list. Reporting on recruiting has to be one of the most frustrating things in the world. You can try as hard as you can to cover all your bases, but you're still going to be blindsided half the time.

2. Money = Wins

Black Heart Gold Pants: The Price of a Victory in Big-time College Football

This fanpost from BHGP is absolutely outstanding.

Factor  Predicts Winner 
Wins (previous year) 66.0%
Football spending 63.4%
Recruiting Class (4-yr average) 62.8%
Wins (3 years ago) 62.5%
Recruiting Class (incoming) 61.7%
Wins (5 years ago) 57.0%
Home Field 56.9%

3. This Satire Piece is Incredible. It is satire, right? ...right?

The Awl: Snacking About Baseball: Foodstuffs Of The Major League Parks

While Fetters says that he "does fine" on his mobile concession, it's clearly a labor of love—only love, after all, could compel a 40-something man to pull a bubbling cauldron of Colby cheese and that cast-iron skillet around the ballpark while evading Miller Park security. Fetters charges fans just $2 to dunk any of the other concessions available at the ballpark into the "cheese tank," and will put a fried egg—that’s where the skillet and hot-plate come in—atop any concession for just a dollar. And I do mean anything: during my visit, I saw Fetters put a fried egg atop a pile of nachos, a double-patty burger ($11) from Gorman Thomas Prime, and directly into a New Era fitted cap. "Security guys are going to bust balls, because that's what they do," Fetters says. "Food inspector guys, same thing. But the way I figure, these fans gave me a lot when I pitched here. A lot of love, a lot of support. I want to give them something back, too."