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Mizzou Links, 7-18-11

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Mizzou Football Links

Really nice Matter story about Dave Christensen. It's always interesting to me just how open coaches are to showing other coaches their tricks. We've spoken many times about Don Faurot, the Split-T, and how if WWII hadn't happened when it did, he'd have held a startling tactical advantage for many, many years; well ... with the way coaches are, Faurot would have probably just had some coaches show up in Columbia one day, and he'd have shown them all his tricks regardless.


  • The Trib: Oklahoma quarterback is Big 12's top returning playmaker
  • Christensen
    The Trib: Dave Christensen turns to spread guru for help at Wyoming

    In January 2005, shortly after Missouri had finished a disappointing 5-6 season, Pinkel arranged a meeting with Brandon at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Louisville, Ky. In 2001 and 2002, when Brandon was a Bowling Green offensive assistant under Urban Meyer, the Falcons had dismantled Pinkel’s team in consecutive upsets. When Meyer left for Utah, Brandon took over at Bowling Green and continued to produce one of the country’s most prolific offenses, using a no-huddle shotgun spread attack.

    Over breakfast, Pinkel asked Brandon if he could send his offensive staff to Bowling Green to learn the spread. ...

    With Daniel running a more pass-oriented version of the same offense, Missouri became one of the game’s elite spread systems, averaging 468 yards and 38 points per game over the next three seasons. Soon enough, other coaches were coming to Columbia to study the system Christensen had developed, including Brandon, who said MU’s version of the spread became the most creative in the country.

  • In-State Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Strong in-state start

Other Football Links

I'm not going to lie: I love Beano Cook. He is an original, and he loooooooooves college football. I think I just figured out what my What I Love post is going to be at Study Hall this weekend.

Mizzou Basketball Links

I don't necessarily agree with the order of Walentik's rankings, but his piece is interesting because it's amazing how many new (or new-ish) pieces there are in a league that just lost two teams.

Other Basketball Links

I'm still a sucker for Eddie Sutton. I know I shouldn't like him, but I can't help it.

Other Mizzou Links

a) RUGBY!!! b) Gibson's getting close to the league too ... it's amazing how good our pitching was for a few years there.

  • Big 12 Sports: Missouri Athlete of the Year Candidates
  • The Missourian: NCAA social networking regulations provide challenge for MU compliance department
  • Kyle Gibson
    The Trib: Former Tiger's success isn't by the numbers
  • Mizzou Rugby
    The Missourian: MU rugby club scores Division I play


  • Blogging Class
    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: 'How To Start Your Own Sports Blog' Class Starts Next Week ('Next week' is now this week.)
  • GIFs
    Videogum: This Week in GIFs
  • Netflix
    USA Today: Behind the hike: Why Netflix is raising prices
  • Wet Hot American Summer Elizabeth Banks talks stuffing her bra and slobbering over Paul Rudd for 'Wet Hot American Summer'
  • Food
    YouTube: Anthony Bourdain Answers Your Questions From Reddit