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NCAA Football '12 Rosters

Fear not, D. Hamilton. You made it into the game after all. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Fear not, D. Hamilton. You made it into the game after all. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

UPDATE: PS3 Rosters now available as well. Click for details.

Christmas in July came last week when this year's iteration of NCAA Football from EA Sports was released.  But, like most of you, I don't consider the game "ready" until I've got named rosters to use.  And even then, I have to spend even more time adjusting Mizzou to get it just right.  Then, and ONLY then, can I start a dynasty and take Mizzou to glory.

In an effort to serve you, the community, better, RPT and I put our heads together and did the 2nd half of the work for those of you who may not have the time or inclination to take on such a project.  And luckily, thanks to the fact that there's lots and lots of people just like us, all we had to do was wait for the named sets of rosters to come out so we could get started.

That day has arrived.

You can download the rosters for the XBOX 360 from my EA Locker through the in-game tool, using the gamertag ZouDave.  You do not have to add me as a friend, just simply go to the Roster Share section of the game, type in ZouDave, and download the roster.  The PS3 version should be ready very soon, hopefully by the end of Monday night.

These rosters have every team, every player, fully named and every roster was edited to more closely match the real players on the team.  The source of the rosters for the 360 are from, and while they're not going to be perfect they are SO appreciated and SO great to have.

After the jump, you can see in more detail what RPT and I agreed upon for adjustments to the Mizzou roster.

The default roster has Mizzou rated:

  • Overall:  B+
  • Offense:  B+
  • Defense:  B-
  • Special Teams:  A+

The now improved rosters have Mizzou rated:

  • Overall: B+
  • Offense: B+
  • Defense: B
  • Special Teams:  A+

So obviously, the changes aren't substantial.  But, very important and necessary.  All players have accurate height and weight according to or recruiting profile.  Player appearances were changed where necessary, especially to remove dreadlocks.  All players have accurate hometowns where possible, otherwise I made it the closest city I could find.  I don't know if RPT will have time to do that for the PS3 roster or not, but they should all at the very least have the right state.



QB #1, James Franklin - No Change

QB #16, Ashton Glaser - Lowered arm strength, raised arm accuracy, unchanged Overall rating

QB #11, Corbin Berkstresser - No Change

QB #19, Jimmy Costello - Changed departed Tyler Gabbert to Costello, lowered speed and arm ratings to make OVR 62.  We used #19 so we could use #12 for another player.


Running Back

HB #4, Kendial Lawrence - Upgraded to 84 OVR so he's the #1 HB, kept him as dual purpose back

HB #26, De'Vion Moore - Left basically the same, adjusted him to reflect his short-yardage skills.

HB #20, Henry Josey - Changed jersey number to his new #20, upgraded speed while downgrading power leaving OVR the same.

HB #6, Marcus Murphy - Changed jersey number to his new #6, left ratings unchanged.

HB #24 Greg White - Changed jersey number to his new #24, changed him to RSFR instead of Soph, ratings unchanged.



We don't have no stinking fullback...anymore.  Moved Beau Brinkley to TE, left his ratings unchanged (OVR 69 as TE).


Wide Receiver

WR #28, TJ Moe - Ratings unchanged, remains 92 OVR.

WR #29, Jerrell Jackson - Raised speed, lowered catching, kept OVR at 86.

WR #8, Wes Kemp - Gave big boost to speed (he was stupidly slow) and other skills like blocking to raise him from OVR 82 to OVR 84.

WR #85 Marcus Lucas - Huge boost to awareness with small updates to physical skills raises him from OVR 75 to OVR 78.

WR #2 L'Damian Washington - Huge boost to awareness, downgrade of speed and strength-related skills raises him from OVR 75 to OVR 78.

WR #5 Rolandis Woodland - Upgraded speed, but downgraded most other skills.  Now an OVR 77 instead of OVR 81.

WR #84 Bud Sasser - Goodbye, Brandon Gerau.  You are not 83 OVR, and you are not our 3rd best WR.  Because #21 isn't available, he will wear #84 and he's a 74 OVR with all-around skills.

WR #88 Jimmie Hunt - The game included Brandon Hannah, who didn't qualify.  Jimmie Hunt comes in with really good speed skills and excellent return ability at 72 OVR.

WR #18 Wesley Leftwich - Updated his jersey number from #80 to #18, left ratings the same so his OVR is 67.


Tight End

TE #82, Michael Egnew - No changes, OVR stays at 91.

TE #87, Andrew Jones - Dropped most of his ratings to take him from OVR 79 to OVR 75.

TE #81, Eric Waters - Raised his receiving skills to resemble a young Michael Egnew, raising his OVR from 68 to 74.


Offensive Line

Left Tackle

LT #72, Elvis Fisher - Upped his stamina to 72 from the low 60s, no change to his 90 OVR.

LT #70, Anthony Gatti - Changed incoming frosh player Taylor Chappell to Anthony Gatti, starting him out as a pass-blocking future star at 77 OVR.

Left Guard

LG #71, Jayson Palmgren - Upped strength to match his superior muscles, lowered awareness to reflect his flag magnetism.  OVR remains 85.

LG #68 Justin Britt - Moved over from RG, no ratings changes so remains at OVR 78.

LG #78, Nick Demien - Slight downgrade from OVR 76 to OVR 74, dropped him from Soph to RSFR.


C #53, Travis Ruth - Remains unchanged at OVR 82.

C #65, Mitch Morse - Say goodbye to Max Copeland, introducing RSFR Mitch Morse with OVR of 76.

Right Guard

RG #66, Austin Wuebbels - Huge upgrade to strength to reflect his newly set reps record at Mizzou, raises his OVR from 86 to 87.

RG #75, Jack Meiners - Moved over from RT, no change to ratings keeping him at OVR 75.

RG #73, Mark Hill - Moved over from LT, downgraded blocking abilities and some others to take him from 79 OVR to 72 OVR.

Right Tackle

RT #77, Dan Hoch - Big upgrades to the underrated big man, taking him from OVR 82 to OVR 85.

RT #74, Chris Freeman - Replaced RG Brad McNulty with the hoss from Ohio, he comes in at OVR 75.

RT #67, Michael Boddie - Changed from jersey #70 to #67, no changes to ratings leaves him at OVR 64.



Left Defensive End

LE #3, Jacquies Smith - Raised awareness to reflect his playing time, raised defensive stats a bit to take him from OVR 79 to OVR 83.

LE #52, Michael Sam - Bumped up speed, slight drop in strength to keep him at OVR 75.

LE #55, Brayden Burnett - No change to the other kid from Southlake, TX, keeps him at 70 OVR.


Right Defensive End

RE #57, Brad Madison - Huge boosts to Madison, because OVR 80 was simply not good enough.  Basically every stat a defensive player needs got changed and raised him all the way to 86 OVR.

RE #92, Kony Ealy - Since #97 isn't available, and Marcus Malbrough is gone, we get Kony Ealy in a different number.  Kony is built to look like a raw Aldon Smith and comes in at 77 OVR.

RE #44, Shane Ray - No changes to the incoming frosh keeps him at 65 OVR.


Defensive Tackle

DT #90, Dominque Hamilton - Was left off the game, so Brendon Donaldson leaves us to make room for our best DT.  Hamilton can do it all and is OVR 85.

DT #93, Terrell Resonno - Upgrades in strength and hit power to better reflect a starting DT in the Big XII, Resonno goes from OVR 80 to OVR 82.

DT #34, Sheldon Richardson - Changed him to #34 instead of #99 because I think he's going to be #34...if he actually shows up.  His physical skills are great, his mental skills are not.  OVR 80, loads of potential for the RSSO instead of the OVR 72 on the default roster.

DT #91, Jimmy Burge - Slight drops in most defensive skills takes Burge from OVR 76 to OVR 74.

DT #94, Marvin Foster - Big boost for the player quite potentially to be on the 2-deep by season's start to get him to OVR 72 from OVR 65.

DT #96, Lucas Vincent - The only Create-A-Player on the roster, we had to get him in the game.  Vincent is going to be a future stud for this team and comes in at OVR 72.

DT #98, Gerrand Johnson - Changed his jersey number to the correct one, no ratings changes leaves him at OVR 67.


Left Outside Linebacker

LOLB #25, Zaviar Gooden - Bumped his speed so he's faster than our other linebackers, small boost to pass coverage makes him OVR 87 instead of OVR 86.

LOLB #12, Darvin Ruise - He almost played last year, but still wasn't included on the stock roster.  So instead of the departed #5 Tatum, we have Ruise and he starts at OVR 72.


Middle Linebacker

MLB #32, Will Ebner - Extremely necessary bumps to hit power, strength and tackling (and a small ding to injury rating) raises Ebner from OVR 81 to OVR 83.

MLB #33, Luke Lambert - Replacing incoming frosh OLB Green is 6th-year senior Luke Lambert, who comes in at the same OVR as Ebner (83) but with less physical skills and more awareness, play recognition, pursuit skills, etc.

MLB #36, Jared Parham - Replacing incoming frosh B Durant will be Jared Parham, who will play a significant role in our LB corps future.  Parham steps in as a 71 OVR.

MLB #51, Kentrell Brothers - Bumped the incoming Oklahoma kid to better reflect his Rivals Rating, raising him from OVR 62 to OVR 65.


Right Outside Linebacker

ROLB #48, Andrew Wilson - No ratings change keeps him at 79 OVR.

ROLB #15, Donovan Bonner - Moved over from MLB, Bonner got deserved big ratings boosts to take him from 66 OVR to 74 OVR.



CB #1, Kip Edwards - No ratings changes for the starting CB, 81 OVR sounds good enough.

CB #31, EJ Gaines - Small boost to awareness to reflect his PT as a frosh, and better tackling and press skills raise him from OVR 77 to OVR 78.

CB #46, Tristen Holt - Major boosts to the former 4-star corner, Holt will have to wear #46 for us since #2 is already taken.  Holt went to OVR 75 from OVR 67.

CB #21, Trey Hobson - Raised and lowered numerous abilities but kept his OVR the same at 74.

CB #22, Robert Steeples - Raised awareness to reflect his playing time, bumped OVR from 70 to 71.

CB #40, Cortland Browning - Had jersey #30, but that was needed elsewhere so he'll wear #40.  No changes to ratings leaves him at OVR 65.


Free Safety

FS #17, Matt White - No changes to the Keller, TX, product leaves him at OVR 74.

FS #10, Tavon Bolden - Moved over from SS, bumped physical skills to get him to OVR 74 from OVR 72.

FS #9, Braylon Webb - #8 is taken, so Webb wears #9.  Webb is replacing incoming frosh Ian Simon on the roster and comes in at OVR 69.


Strong Safety

SS #13, Kenji Jackson - Believed to be our top returning DB, slightly adjusted speed but OVR remains at 84.

SS #30, Kenronte Walker - The incoming JUCO replaces a guy that had no business being on the game, he is modeled to be a lot like Jarrell Harrison going into last season and is OVR 76.



K #95, Grant Ressel - No changes to one of the best kickers in the nation keeps him at 92 OVR.



P #97, Trey Barrow - Also no changes to the stud punter leaves him at OVR 87.



And that's that!  I'm sure there will be plenty of differing opinions on where more adjustments could be made, but this is what we decided to go with.  There's still room on the roster for one more created player so feel free to adjust the ratings as you see fit for your game and create whatever missing player you want to see.  The coaches in the file also have been named and adjusted to look and act as closely to the real thing as we could get.

Good luck!  Go Tigers!