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Mizzou Links, 7-19-11

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For me personally, has to be 07 KU game! RT: @GolfandFootball: @ChaseDaniel what was your favorite game of all-time?less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Yeah, uh, that was a pretty good one...

Mizzou Football Links

Man, it's like a 2007 reunion in here today ... posting a tweet from Chase Daniel about the '07 KU game ... Jeremy Maclin and Lorenzo Williams hosting camps...

Other Football Links

The Poynter Institute weighed in on the ESPN controversy last night, and the immediate Twitter reaction was quite negative toward the kid gloves Kelly McBride used. To be sure, there was quite a bit of "both sides were at fault" here, but ... I don't hate it. I don't know what people expected, but this didn't exactly take it easy on ESPN. My main complaint: the fact that she drew too thick a line between suspension and "being told not to do your job until we tell you otherwise." That might not have 'technically' been a suspension, and 'technically' that might not go in his permanent file (do "permanent files" still exist?), but ... a writer being told not to write for an undefined amount of time is, for all intents and purposes, an indefinite suspension. (That said, I have no problem with them railing on Sports By Brooks for peddling not-quite-100%-founded gossip. It's what he does.)

Mizzou Basketball Links

God, it's impossible not to really like Kim English. I know, that's like saying "It's impossible not to really like steak" or something, but ... doesn't make it untrue.

  • PowerMizzou: Summer Sessions: Kim English

    PM: On the floor, just physical talent and not taking into account chemistry and the locker room, does this team have the pieces to be that good?

    KE: "No doubt. Our top six guys can compete with any top six in the nation. I mean, we're good. We have some really, really good pieces. Not to knock Mike Anderson's system at all; it's great when it works, when you have the right kind of guys, but I'm excited to see what all these offensive weapons can do in a system that's a foundation, that it's an offense. I want to see Marcus Denmon coming off curls and knocking down shots and me running off screens, Phil Pressey coming off ball screens and him and Mike working together as a real tandem and just not so much playing in spurts, getting in the rhythm of the game. I'm excited to really get going. It's almost here. Two more weeks of summer, football season, we're rolling. Halfway through football season, it's game time. I remember D.C. like it was yesterday. One of the worst nights of my life. In front of my family, playing one of the worst games of my career, losing in the first round of the tournament, ending my season. Really still haven't slept well. Most miserable year of my life. Frustrating. And it happened for a reason. So here's to my senior year."

Other Mizzou Links

Very good news about Bryan Blitz and the soccer recruiting class. It seems he's got quite a bit to work with in coming years...

  • Mizzou Softball Team USA Finishes Second in Canada

    Appearing in six games and starting twice, Thomas finished with a 3-1 record, registering a 1.57 earned run average while striking out 34 and walking just three in 22.1 innings pitched. ... She was the tough-luck loser in the team’s semifinal game against Japan, pitching 4.1 innings out of the bullpen, allowing one unearned run, while striking out eight.

    After starting in a 0-for-10 slump, Taylor turned things around during the second half of the event, finishing with a .406 batting average. She finished the tournament by going 13-for-22 (.591) over the last eight games, which included a six-game hitting streak where she went 11-for-17 (.647).

  • Mizzou Soccer Ranks the Missouri Recruiting Class at No. 9


We're approaching the 20-year anniversary of Magic's HIV announcement. Never mind how incredibly old that makes me feel ... it really is amazing to look back and remember how we all assumed that meant he'd be dead by about 1993. It makes me happy that he's still clicking along beautifully ... though it also makes me angry that this appears to be a bit of a "You can survive this disease with no problem as long as you have enough money" situation. Anyhoo...