Now Available: Mizzou NCAA Football '12 Roster Update for PS3


You can download the rosters from EA Locker through the in-game tool, using the PSN ID "RTaylorTX." You do not need to add as a friend -- just simply go to the Roster Share section of the game, type in RTaylorTX, and download the roster. In addition to tuning Missouri's rosters to RMN ratings (see the changes in the linked thread), I made a small number of changes around the Big 12 (RATTERREE!!!!! to first string at OU, adding Jordan Webb's stupid left hand glove, burying Marquise Goodwin on UT's depth, etc.). Hometowns and helmets for Mizzou should also be semi-correct where applicable. The roster contains one open spot for a Create-A-Player, so feel free to add your chosen omission (McGaffie? Easterly? Ernest Payton?) For anyone who downloads these rosters, make sure to drop a line of thanks to ZouDave, who put in a ton of work tuning the ratings properly.