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What We Love: The Legend Of The Half-Peace Sign

Granted, it's not a true story by any means, but why let truth get in the way of a good legend?

On a blustery, late-November day in Lawrence, Mizzou took their ridiculous offensive prowess to a new level.  It's fun to say that Missouri and Kansas combined for a Big 8 record 90 points that day; it's even more fun to say that Missouri accounted for 69 of them.  In front of a regional television audience, Mizzou scored on long plays and short ones.  Gray caught touchdown passes of 68 and 28 yards and scored on a 19-yard end-around as well.  Joe Moore ripped off a 53-yard touchdown, while John Staggers' (18 yards) and McMillan's (16) touchdown runs were downright puny in comparison.

What was then the biggest win in the history of the MU-KU rivalry took on an even more memorable slant when Kansas coach Pepper Rodgers joked after the 69-21 massacre that, with things getting so bad on the scoreboard, "I gave Dan [Devine] the peace sign, and he gave half it back to me."

This amazing game wrapped up a four-game stretch in which Mizzou scored 194 points (48.5 per game), something they would not again match until early in the 2008 season, when they scored 267 points (53.4 per game) to start the year.