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Mizzou Links, 7-21-11

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Mizzou Football Links

There's a lot of good stuff here, but be sure to read the Tim Barnes article. He isn't nearly as vocal as a lot of other recent Tigers, but he really might be one of the more easily likable.

  • Franklin
    The Trib: For James Franklin, silence isn't an option

    As for Franklin’s progress running the offense, [T.J.] Moe said he’s developed a steady touch on the intermediate precision throws that define MU’s passing game. In a few cameos last fall, Franklin completed 11 of 14 passes for 106 yards, one touchdown and an interception. While working with unfamiliar receivers during spring practices, Franklin struggled to deliver consistent scoring drives.

    The scouting report has changed some after several weeks of voluntary passing sessions.

    "His touch is unbelievable between 15 and 25 yards," Moe said. "If you’re playing against us, watch out, because he can really loft it out there. If there’s a" defender’s "hand here, he’s throwing it 2 inches over. He’s really good at that."

    Post-Dispatch: Mizzou works at the breaking in of a new quarterback
  • Preseason Big 12 Media Poll
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers picked fourth in Big 12 poll
    The Trib (Dave Matter): One voter's preseason All-Big 12 poll
  • NFL Free Agents
    Fox Sports MW: Life in Limbo (for Tim Barnes)
  • Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Another Decision Coming Soon (No, not DGB)
    Springfield News-Leader: Green-Beckham pursuit continues

Other Football Links

Honestly, everything else on the list of Longhorn links below is just an appetizer for PB's two pieces at Burnt Orange Nation. If you just skip down to those two, I won't be offended; they're fantastic, and they lay out the issue in clear and sober fashion.

  • Longhorn Network (presented chronologically)
    SB Nation: Texas Longhorn Network Plans Creating Further Big 12 Rancor?
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Let's just give recruits their own networks
    Dallas Morning News: Longhorn Network's plans to televise high school games now on hold
    Austin American-Statesman: Texas officials try to allay Big 12 fears about new network
    College Football Talk: Big 12 taps the brakes on Longhorn Network's high school football coverage
    Houston Chronicle: Longhorn Network's high school telecasts off for now
    SB Nation: Longhorn Network May Have Already Gone Too Far
    Burnt Orange Nation: Texas A&M, Oklahoma Throw Smart Counterpunch at Texas, LHN

    On the first point, it remains the case that -- whatever the fantasies of many A&M fans -- both Texas A&M and Oklahoma are (at least in the short-term) in much too solid a position with the Big 12-2 to have suddenly made an about-face and arrived at the decision that it's in their best interests to move to the SEC. They knew that Texas was going to launch its own network when they signed on to the Big 12-2, and absolutely nothing fundamental has changed since the conference realignment brouhaha last summer.  Setting aside the Aggies' posturing, there were sound reasons that Oklahoma stood firmly by Texas's side during the conference realignment drama, and nothing has happened since then altering those fundamental reasons.

    The one and only thing that has changed has been the recent discussion that Texas might carry live high school football games.  And particularly disconcerting if you're a fan of A&M or Oklahoma have been the recent remarks by Dave Brown, ESPN Vice President for Programming, in which he excitedly yammered about delivering live high school football games involving recruits of particular interest to Texas, such as Jonathan Gray and Connor Brewer.  That was a mistake, both because if enacted it would (fairly) be perceived as an enormous recruiting advantage for Texas, and even if televising Texas recruits was never the plan the remarks fueled the perception that the Longhorn Network is going to be a source of enormous, unacceptable advantage for UT.

    Burnt Orange Nation: Conference Realignment: Texas, its Strengths, and the Long Play

    I haven't been shy about chastising Aggies for injudiciously evaluating their options, but Texas's being in a stronger position in this realignment game does not make us immune from, or any less foolhardy for, handicapping ourselves with myopic bravado.  Teasing our rivals with arrogance is great fun, but limiting our own opportunities is serious business.

    And that's why it is no less imprudent for Texas fans to urge Deloss Dodds to embrace a reckless "Bring 'em on!" attitude than it is for Aggie fans to urge their administration to bolt unilaterally for the SEC.  Quite the opposite, we should hope that our administration proceeds in a way that maximizes our advantages and, by extension, the potential value we might draw from them.  The good news, as far as I'm concerned, is that our administration understands this exceptionally well, which is why I expect we will see Texas tap the brakes a bit with the Longhorn Network, and to be as cooperative as they can be while still forging ahead with the long-term advantage/value optimization plans.

  • SEC Media Days
    SB Nation: Mike Slive Proposes Change, Will Muschamp Makes Debut
    College Football Talk: Slive lays out SEC's 'national agenda for change'
    Dr. Saturday: SEC commish: Let's make it significantly harder to qualify in the SEC
    SB Nation: Steve Spurrier, We Adore Thee
    College Football Talk: Spurrier on multi-year scholarships: 'That's a terrible idea commissioner'
  • Remember Cam Newton?
    Team Speed Kills: Danny Sheridan: NCAA Has Found Cam Newton Bag Man
  • Leach
    SB Nation: A Day With Mike Leach: Sailing Key West's High Seas With The Pirate Captain
  • Kansas
    Lawrence Journal-World: KU QB Berglund charged with assault in Colorado
    Rock Chalk Talk: Assault Charge Kept Berglund Away From Kansas
  • 1995 Nebraska 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers crushed all comers en route to title

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Basketball Links

Very, very well-laid take on pay-for-play from Walentik here. It is quite easy to see both sides of the issue, which is what drives me crazy when I read some fiery take that tries to make things completely black-and-white, either that athletes should absolutely not be paid, or athletes are poor, impoverished and disadvantaged. This is an extremely difficult issue. Walentik also does a very good job of reminding us that a lot of this issue has come about because of on-the-side dealings with agents or people wanting to buy memorabilia ... and absolutely none of this would change with pay-for-play. "Schools are never going to be able to pay athletes enough that they won't be willing to listen when somebody wants to offer them more."

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball
    CBS Sports: Could Aaron Crow make conversion to starting pitcher? 9 Reasons to Follow College Baseball: The Little Things
  • Mizzou Wrestling Wrestling to Host Florida Camp


It's amazing how much better a lyricist Kanye becomes when Jay-Z is in the room with him...

  • Music
    New York Magazine: Nirvana Finally Gets the Vaselines Cover They Deserve
    Nah Right: Jay-Z & Kanye West (ft. Otis Redding): "Otis"
  • God, I Hate That Paul Rudd Is A KU Guy... Rudd and Riggle cheer on Royals pitcher Bruce Chen
    Dirty Tackle: Solo, Wambach try to kick ball into moving cab on Letterman Show
  • Because We Never Get Tired of Ron Swanson...
    Bad TV Blog: Ron Swanson GIFs