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Saturday Live Thread!

The preggy wife and I are headed to St. Louis to celebrate The Veal's first birthday and do a little nursery shopping. Babies, babies, babies! But here's a thread for the day's (complete lack of) activity.

1. What's Left For Football Recruiting?

PowerMizzou: 2012 Football Hot Board - Offense

PowerMizzou has a nice list of the remaining options for Mizzou recruiting this year, but let me summarize my own thoughts (and probably those of many others): at this point, this is a good Missouri recruiting class no matter what. If Mizzou manages to land Dorial Green-Beckham, then this is an absolutely, positively fabulous class even if the other 6-8 members of the class are all two-star, Texas diamond-in-the-rough types. Mizzou has already addressed needs and pulled in some serious star power in Evan Boehm, Jonathan Williams, Maty Mauk, etc. Now they just need to go out and land what would be the greatest cherry-on-the-sundae ever.

2. Mizzou Softball: Awesome

The Trib: Missouri softball Coach Earleywine thrills crowd on Show-Me State Games opening night Team USA Edges Australia, 5-2
The Trib: Tigers help USA edge Australia

I mean ... of course Ehren Earlywine thrilled crowds ... and of course Rhea Taylor scored another run ... and of course Chelsea Thomas struck out the only batter she faced...

3. I Never Made It To Tiger Stadium...

Grantland: An examination of Ty Cobb and Detroit
Mighty Flynn: It's a long season

...but I continue to be semi-obsessed with it. I almost skipped over the parts about Ty Cobb in yesterday's Grantland piece, instead just putting together pieces of the Detroit neighborhoods surrounding the stadium and searching for any details about the stadium itself. No idea why I'm so enthralled by it -- I'm not a Detroit Tigers fan and I've only barely been in or around the city itself -- but just the history surrounding it, and the fact that the diamond still stands though the park has fallen around it, makes me fascinated, happy and sad at the same time.