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Mizzou Links, 7-25-11

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

Other Football Links

  • Ranking Stuff
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Preseason Countdown: Who's No. 1?
    The Trib: OU's Ronnell Lewis is most dangerous defender (David Ubben): Ranking the Big 12's top 10 quarterbacks
  • People Hate the Longhorn Network
    Daily Oklahoman: OU president David Boren plans to suggest Big 12 ban high school games on university networks
  • People Hate Cheating And Stuff
    College Football Talk: Tuberville on curbing cheating: 'Hurt them in the pocketbook'
    USA Today: ACC boss John Swofford adds his voice in calling for change

Mizzou Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball / Team USA USA Clinches Spot in Title Game
  • Mizzou Baseball
    The Trib: Nick Tepesch finds groove in minors
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Recruiting is labor of love for Pingeton


  • Food
    Serious Eats: Cook the Book: General Tso's Fried Tofu Sub
    Vanity Fair: PHOTOS: Vanity Fair Goes Inside Comic-Con 2011
  • I Still Enjoy The Hell Out Of The Sociopathic Mario Balotelli
    Dirty Tackle: Angry Mancini subs Balotelli for failed backheel against L.A.