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Big 12 Media Days: Day One Links

The event known as Big 12 Media Days does not get nearly the same level of hype as its SEC counterpart, and really, that's disappointing, if for no other reason than Gary Pinkel was on an absolute roll yesterday and T.J. Moe deserves many moments in the spotlight. Alas. While we might not see the same breathless coverage on television, plenty of local news outlets were on the beat. Here's a summary of the best of Day One for each school involved. (David Ubben): Lunch links: Big 12 Media Days fodder
Tulsa World: Sittler Sez: Notes from the Big 12 Media Days


Post-Dispatch: Baylor: It ain't trash talk if you can back it up
KC Star (Campus Corner): Baylor's Art Briles makes A&M look sheepish
Tulsa World: After playing in bowl game, Art Briles, Baylor looking for more (David Ubben): VIDEO: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III
Thee Bears: Smoaky's Interview With Art Briles After Big 12 Media Day
SB Nation: The Baylor Bears And The Very Bad Phrasing

Oklahoma State

Cowboys Ride For Free: Big 12 Media Days: Coach Gundy's Word Cloud
Tulsa World: OSU's Weeden, Blackmon oblivious to stats
Tulsa World: What more can OSU's Blackmon do?
Tulsa World: Back for more
Daily Oklahoman: OSU's Justin Blackmon: It'll take ‘30 touchdowns and 2,500 yards' for a WR to win the Heisman
Daily Oklahoman (Jenni Carlson): Brandon Weeden is Big 12's best in charisma

Really, Jenni Carlson? "Big 12's best in charisma"?


KC Star (Campus Corner): Brown tries to flip the script on rest of the league
Austin American-Statesman: Mack tidbits from Big 12 Media Day
Tulsa World: Texas enters season in unfamiliar territory
Tulsa World: Texas coach Brown defends use of TV network
Daily Oklahoman (Berry Tramel): Quarterback remains a question mark at Texas
Houston Chronicle: UT's quest for redemption replaces talk of loftier goals
Post Dispatch: Texas: "We need to get our swagger back"
Lawrence Journal-World: All eyes on Texas: Longhorn Network hot topic on Day 1 of Big 12 media days

Mack Brown tried to get away with saying that Texas was basically just a poor turnover margin away from being a good team. No, Mack. They were a poor turnover margin away from being decent.

The 2010 Longhorns had a good defense -- not quite as good as in 2008-09, but good -- and a downright horrific offense. Without Colt McCoy around to bail them out on passing downs, their Off. F/+ ranking fell from seventh in 2008, to 16th in 2009, to an incredible 106th in 2010. They were sandwiched between Florida Atlantic (105th) and Louisiana-Monroe (107th). The only BCS conference teams with a worse offense: Purdue (112th), Kansas (114th) and Vanderbilt (115th). Did turnovers impact this number a bit? Yes. A bit (part of F/+ is Brian Fremeau's drive-based FEI measure, which obviously cares about drives ending without points). But not much. And you just cannot field a good overall team with an offense this terrible. ...

They had incredibly poor fumbles luck, and without it they'd have probably made a minor bowl game. But this is Texas; is there really a difference between a minor bowl and no bowl?

Texas' recruiting rankings are, of course, bananas, and their YPP margin suggests a bit of a bounceback too. They could be good in 2011, but only if the offense rebounds under new co-coordinators Bryan Harsin and "The" Major Applewhite. And I'm sorry, Mack, but there's nothing that would have made them good in 2010.

Texas A&M

KC Star (Campus Corner): A&M's Mike Sherman doesn't talk Longhorn Network, likes his defense
Tulsa World: Texas A&M coach says he's not worried about the Longhorn Network
Tulsa World: Big 12 Media Days: Texas A&M
Dallas Morning News: Brown and Sherman break bread at Big 12 media days
Daily Oklahoman: Texas A&M committed to conference
Houston Chronicle: A&M's confidence high as defense grows under DeRuyter

I still say the SEC stuff is just posturing, and that will continue to be my line of thinking until something much more powerful than Twitter rumors come to the surface. I still say all the Twitter rumors are just percolating back from Andy Staples' tweet last week.

Meanwhile, yes, I'm really interested to see A&M's defense in Year 2 and the effect the loss of Von Miller has.

Stupid Officiating

KC Star (Campus Corner): The Salute talk of the morning in Dallas

This was still an absolutely heinous call.

And evidently the Tulsa World is now also a subscriber service, which ... no thanks.