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What We Love: Mr. Mizzou

Because, of course.

He was a player for Faurot, an assistant for Faurot, Broyles, Devine and Onofrio, a fundraiser for Woody Widenhofer and Bob Stull, and a color commentator for Larry Smith and Gary Pinkel.  The stories he could tell...

From a 2005 profile: "I started out coaching with Coach Faurot and he would have to rank as my top guy because he gave me all kinds of opportunities," Kadlec said. "I was very fortunate, I don't think any assistant coaches have coached for three college Hall of Fame guys like I have. Coach Faurot, Dan Devine and Al Onofrio. They were all great coaches and wonderful men and wonderful people to work with."

Kadlec continued, "Out of those four, I can't really say one stands out. But Don Faurot really gave me the opportunity and brought me up as a pup. He kind of raised me. My experiences here, with these coaches has been wonderful."

There is a reason John Kadlec has come to be known as Mr. Mizzou.  He has always been around, having spent most of his last 60+ years serving the Missouri football program.  The Wall was created to celebrate Missouri's history, both known and perhaps less-known; in other words, it was created to celebrate John Kadlec.


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