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Mizzou Links, 7-29-11

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Gabbert Grills Money
Gabbert Grills Money

Mizzou Football Links

Just to build on last night's conversation, I wholeheartedly agree with tamping down the rookie pay scale and making young players earn big contracts. It is absolutely true that owners shouldn't have to be saved from themselves, and that if they want to pay big money for a young player, then in theory, they should be allowed to sacrifice their cap space. But 'in theory' it doesn't really work because all it takes is one crazy owner to ruin it for everybody else, and some aggressive agents to ruin it for everybody else. A cap that pays them well (let's face it: Blaine Gabbert is still making $12 million over four years, which is pretty awesome for a guy who was studying for business class finals a few months ago) but not too well is the way to go.

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Three thoughts:

1) I just haven't seen a better summation of the "Hold up on the 'paying players' thing" argument than Posnanski's. He said what I've been trying to figure out how to say for months.

2) I'm pretty sure Turner Gill looked "comfortable and prepared" heading into Year 1 too. The problem wasn't that he looked uncomfortable.

3) Damn right I called the "Oklahoma State needs to start dressing like Oregon" thing a couple of weeks ago ... as evidenced by the self-share below.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Huzzah, Justin and Keith!

Other Basketball Links

The lesson: never recruit a big guy named Tiny.

  • Oklahoma Slaps Its Hand
    CBS Sports: Oklahoma offers up more punishments for itself
    The Dagger: Will Oklahoma's self-imposed punishment satisfy the NCAA? OU's damage control may not be enough

Other Mizzou Links

Seriously, when is collegiate MMA going to become a thing so we can finally win some national team titles?

  • Mizzou MMA Wrestling
    Post-Dispatch: Tyron Woodley becomes a force in MMA
  • Mizzou Soccer Four Tigers Enjoy Summer Success
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Q&A with Sandra Ostad


Evidently we're going to know Bradley's replacement soon, and the new guy is not going to be a surprise. Everybody assumes that means Klinsmann, and so do I because ... well, anybody else would be a surprise at this point. Bradley is a rock solid coach, and he produced some strong results, but while he wasn't completely to blame for the USMNT's recent struggles ... he obviously wasn't the answer, and it's time to try somebody else. I also don't know if Klinsmann's the answer, especially if Gulati and the like resist the major structural changes he will probably attempt to make, but it's time to find out about Klinsmann so we can quit talking about him.