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Mizzou Links, 7-5-11

Look out for this dude. (Photo via Bill Carter.)
Look out for this dude. (Photo via Bill Carter.)

Mizzou Football Links

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was a nice weekend for stories about current and former Mizzou defensive ends. Between the Dave Matter link below and the fact that I was walking through some of our Walkthroughs for the Rock M mag (yes, it's still happening), I got a nice, jolting reminder of how awesome Kony Ealy was this spring. Can't wait for September.

(And on a side note, it appears that, at the very latest, Baby Bill C. will be making an appearance the week after the Miami-Ohio game, which means I've got two very similar countdowns going on right now.)

  • Will Hines
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Missouri lands Texas cornerback
    PowerMizzou: Hines discusses commitment
  • Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers rookie Aldon Smith focuses on football

    Although the leg injury cast doubts about Smith's health, that's not how he sees it. He doesn't think many people realize his full potential, and the move to outside linebacker will most likely make past criticism of Smith's too-high positioning in a three-point stance irrelevant.

    "The sky's the limit for me, as long as I keep working hard," Smith said. "I just have to take advantage of the resources around me."

    Right now, those resources are limited. Instead of a coach, he has Justin Smith, the 49ers' veteran defensive tackle who also attended the University of Missouri. Instead of a playbook, he has row after row of bleachers to run up and down. Instead of a contract, he has speeches from Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith at the annual rookie symposium. It's not the average rookie experience.

    Justin Smith, who has become a sort of unofficial leader of the team's workouts at San Jose State, reached out to Aldon Smith when he arrived in San Francisco this spring. Although the rookie said that being without a coaching staff has been difficult, the 49ers' structured conditioning sessions have been a distraction from the lockout and the issues it raises.

  • Rookies
    The Trib: Meet top impact rookies around the conference

    5. Kony Ealy, Missouri defensive end: Ealy won’t start this season — at least not initially — only because the Tigers have the conference’s deepest collection of edge rushers. But the redshirt freshman proved throughout spring practices he can blow by Big 12 blockers on the way to the quarterback.

    Ealy gets the nod here over ballyhooed junior college transfer Sheldon Richardson simply because Missouri coaches know Ealy will be a factor this fall. Richardson has been training in St. Louis and hopes to qualify in time for preseason camp, but the usually chatty lineman has gone to stealth mode as his pending arrival remains a mystery

Other Football Links

Gotta love BHGP for cutting through the Big Ten love fest this weekend. Also: this past Nebraska Weekend on Big Ten Network, they sneaked in a showing of 2010 Nebraska-Mizzou as a "Big Ten's Greatest Games" feature. That's just mean, guys. Sheesh.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Forgive the comparison, but Danuel House appears to be this class's Tony Mitchell, a Texas small forward who comes completely out of nowhere to get a five-star Rivals rating. Hopefully he likes Mizzou as much as Mitchell did ... and hopefully he's got his academics a bit more in order.

  • Five-Star 2012 Recruit Danuel House
    PowerMizzou: House looks for a home
    YouTube: Danuel House Breakout Weekend Highlights
    YouTube: The Circuit: Who Is Danuel House?
  • Kadeem Green
    The Trib: After redshirt year, MU's Green regains old form

Other Basketball Links

I share the Seton Hall link simply because I really, really liked that 1989 SHU team. No idea why, but I did. They were my favorite non-Mizzou squad. Bless you, Terry DeHere.

  • Big East Coast Bias: Classic Big East: Remembering Seton Hall's 1989 Run at a National Championship

Other Mizzou Links

The Menu Courey link is a really tough, important read. Not much to say beyond that. Continued thoughts and prayers to the MU Swimming & Diving team.

  • The Trib: Missouri swimmer's suicide might draw attention to disorder
  • Mizzou Volleyball Lisa Henning's Update From China
  • Mizzou Baseball Mizzou Baseball: Sleeper? Mizzou Baseball in the Minors: Trevor Coleman for Triple-A