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Mizzou Links, 7-6-11

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Mizzou Football Links

So with Gunner Kiel still on the fence (but probably leaning toward Indiana ... maybe ... possibly), it appears the other quarterback who has been on Mizzou's radar screen for ages is ready to move toward a decision. Mauk, rumored to be deciding between Mizzou, Notre Dame, Michigan and others, appears to be visiting Columbia tomorrow. According to the good folks at PowerMizzou, Mizzou would accept commits from both Mauk and Kiel, but one has to figure that the commitment of one would be detrimental to the commitment of the other. But if Kiel really is leaning in another direction, then I'm quite happy with the thought of Mauk coming to Mizzou instead.

Actually, have you seen his highlights? I'm happy with him no matter where Kiel is leaning. Dude's high school film is so much like Chase Daniel's (with an extra level of improvisation, which is both good and bad). His measurables aren't as impressive as Kiel's, and his recruiting ranking has suffered because of it, but ... that was the story with Daniel too. I'm not exactly going to be scared off by that.

Other Football Links

Lots of good stuff here. It's hilarious how good the Big 12 is feeling about itself nowadays. I don't say that with any sort of pride or irony either. They just seem to be on the "We live! Suck it!" tour right now, and it's entertaining. Meanwhile, Iowa fans are picking up the Nebraska Hate slack, which is good to see. And do give a listen to the podcast our friend Allen at Blatant Homerism did with the writer of the Bylaw Blog. Very enlightening.

Mizzou Basketball Links

Geez, Coach Fuller, you could have just mentioned us by name instead...

  • We See You, Coach Fuller VIDEO: The Missouri Assistant Coaches Are Focused on the Future Assistant Coaches Use Recruiting to Give Fans Faith in Haith

    "We really have some avid fans, they follow recruiting," said Fuller. "They go after the guys we're recruiting via twitter and they're posting things and they're blogging and it's really fun to see the fans engage."

    And it's making a difference. The two newest recruits, transfers Earnest Ross and Keion Bell, say the fans earned an assist for them making the leap to Mizzou.

    "Two of the kids that we had sign with us," Fuller said. "Earnest Ross and Keion Bell have come back and said, 'man the fan support you guys have there at Missouri is unbelievable.'"

  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Haith and staff hitting the road for recruiting

Other Mizzou Links

Gotta say ... the offseason has been pretty kind to Mizzou Baseball. Between the "sleeper" talk at Baseball America, Tim Jamieson's success (so far) with Team USA, Blake Brown's emergence, Aaron Crow's unlikely all-star turn ... not bad, not bad. Meanwhile, Mark Ellis tries to keep Mizzou's MMA win streak going next month ... and yes, calling August "next month" is a bit jarring. Does not feel like July, even with the fireworks that have made my Xanax-chomping dog a wreck over the past week.

  • Mizzou Baseball Blake Brown Named CCL All-Star Mizzou Baseball Summer Update Team USA Puts Together 3-0 Weekend
  • Mizzou Wrestling/MMA Aug. 27 ProElite Show in Hawaii also reported that former University of Hawaii linebacker Jake Heun will face NCAA Division I wrestling champion Mark Ellis on the Aug. 27 card. 


Yeah, there's going to have to be a Pirates-related roundtable question today, isn't there...

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    Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke: When is a baseball team 'for real?' And how should the Pirates handle the deadline?
    FanGraphs: The Pirates Should Be Buyers (Sweetspot Blog): Pirates on road to respectability
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    Rolling Stone: Preview "I Might" by Wilco
Wilco - I Might by weallwantsome1