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Mizzou Links, 7-7-11

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Mizzou Basketball Links

Off-the-court momentum is such a funny thing. Somehow, by recruiting pretty well so far, Frank Haith has made analysts (like Dick Vitale) more confident in next year's team, which will have only one new player, George Goode. Positive press of any kind breeds positive outlooks for your program, even if the press has little immediate impact on the program. Ah, humans. One more reason to appreciate the cold, cold, emotionless logic of computers.

  • One State, One Spirit Classic One State, One Spirit Classic Ticket Info (in case you missed it in comments)
    The Trib: MU-Missouri Southern tickets go on sale Aug. 8
  • The CoMo Collective: AUDIO: J.T. Tiler Talks
  • Dick Vitale identifies six NCAA basketball teams to keep an eye on


    New coach Frank Haith takes over for Mike Anderson, who went to Arkansas. Haith will be happy with the returning talent and the Tigers will be heard from in the Big 12 minus two! Ricardo Ratliffe, Kim English, Laurence Bowers and Marcus Denmon help make up an exciting nucleus in Columbia. Kansas, Texas and Texas A&M will get a lot of hype in league circles, but the Tigers will be very dangerous.

Football Links

Seth's series about the 4-2-5 defense at DTN has been a wonderful read. Texas Tech is up tomorrow in my football preview series (now sponsored by the Marines!), and for the defensive part I'm tempted to just say "Here are the returning starters, now go read this series at DTN. The end."

Meanwhile, CBS is unfurling a series on cheating in college football. Dennis Dodd says it's easy to make the case that cheating now is as bad or worse than it has ever been, but as I said in a roundtable not too long ago, I still think it's more a case of better enforcement and higher visibility. As I said at Study Hall yesterday, "I've read enough Dan Jenkins to believe that things were incredibly, defiantly dirty in the 1960s and 1970s. And while there are still too many shady undertakings these days, I think increased media vigilance and, well, the Internet, are the reasons they're coming to light."


A) He bought a $76,000 engagement ring. B) He proposed to her via mail. C) Roy Williams is as odd off the field as he is flaky on it.

  • The Lockout Makes NFL Players a Little More Conscious About Money Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams sues ex-Miss Texas for ring
  • Funny
    SB Nation: The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of June: A 20-Act Play
    Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: The Octonion in...MasterConference (This is absolutely brilliant.)
  • Food
    So Good: Meat...You're Right in Liking It (Love this poster.)