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Mizzou Links, 7-8-11

So the company that made the giant, interactive Tiger Wall in the athletics complex posted a new video about it...

Mizzou Football Links

So we've got our quarterback..

Other Football Links

Big 12 Sports' look at the "Big 12 Missile Crisis" from last summer is very well-done. Even though we all lived through it and remember it well, it's still a bit startling to think back to just how close we came to ending up in the Mountain West or Big East (or having the Big Ten freak out about the Pac-16 and expand their own ambitions). We entered the weekend described below, thinking it was all over. And then it wasn't.

  • Big 12 Sports: Ten Days in June

    "On Saturday ESPN had agreed to not reduce our money," Lulla said. "We were trying to stabilize our TV deals. Dan talked with both ESPN and FOX about the kind of deal the Pac-10 recently signed. He wanted to tear up both existing deals and work out a joint deal with ESPN and FOX. ESPN resisted that.

    "When we got ESPN to agree to not cut our right fees - they probably could have reduced our deal by $75 million to $100 million over the final six years of our deal- that put us in a better position because we were getting the same money and having to distribute it to two fewer schools.

    "For ESPN, on a business level, it made a lot of sense. Also, they had already budgeted the money so they weren't going to lose any money."

    As Beebe gathered information and assurances from the Big 12's television partners, he was providing updates to Big 12 schools "that had multiple options." By late Sunday afternoon, Beebe started to feel like the tide was turning.

    "I've been doing this a long time and I've never seen anyone cooler under pressure than Dan," Lulla said. "The tension in that room was unbelievable. ESPN was reporting that the move of five Big 12 schools to the Pac-10 was 'imminent." But we knew the tide was turning. We were kind of laughing at what we thought was bad information. We didn't think we were being played by Texas because we were getting a lot of encouraging signs from Austin."

    About 6 p.m. Sunday, Texas president William Powers called Beebe to say that UT would hold a news conference Monday to announce it was staying put. In the hotel room where the Big 12 was headquartered, there was relief and fist bumps.

  • WOOHOO! We're Not The Only Fanbase To Debate Pants!
    Bucky's 5th Quarter: Should Wisconsin wear red pants more often?
  • What Oregon Is Facing
    Addicted to Quack: The Will Lyles Timeline
  • Data Data Data
    Outside the Hashes: What do QBs control?

Mizzou Basketball Links

Obviously he still has to win basketball games, but it's hard to figure out how Frank Haith could have handled his first 100 days any better than he actually did. Hopefully this program management ability translates to the court.

  • Haith Took First 100 Days Personal

    A focus for Haith and his staff over the first three months has been to connect with the history of Missouri Basketball. Phone conversations with former head coach Norm Stewart gave him a deeper appreciation for his new school and fueled his desire to reach out to the former players. Haith recently hired St. Louis native Matt Lawrence on as a graduate manager and his Director of Basketball Operations, Toby Lane, began a graphics project at Mizzou Arena to better highlight the history of the program.

    "Without our history, none of this is possible," Haith said while inside his Mizzou Arena office. "We have great history and we can't take that for granted. The fan support, the excitement around our university, that stuff just doesn't happen everywhere. There were a number of folks that laid the foundation for this program and we all appreciate that commitment."

  • KC Star (Upon Further Review): The Saga Of Uche Okafor

Other Mizzou Links

The Trib's Menu Courey link below is not much different from the one posted earlier in the week, but it's such a devastating topic and story that it's worth reading again.

  • Menu Courey
    The Trib: Hope is swimmer's death opens dialogue
  • Mizzou Baseball 9 Reasons to Follow College Baseball: Stars of the Future Team USA Clinches Series with Japan
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Meet Rebecca Johnson
  • Mizzou Softball Team USA to Start International Play Tigers to Host Coaching Clinic


Bucs Dugout was the first SBN blog I read with frequency, and it makes me happy to see Charlie at BD sharing the "Can we try not to be so damn bipolar?" sentiment. It's so easy to oscillate between "Everything is great!! We're never losing again!" and "The sky is falling!", and it's about the least healthy, least enjoyable way to be a fan.

  • Bucs Dugout: On the Pirates' Winning Record: A Plea For Coherence
  • EPL
    Grantland: Chris Ryan on Reading, Swansea City A.F.C., and relegation and promotion in English football
  • Food
    Serious Eats: New McNugget Sauces from McDonald's (Shared only because holy crap is the buffalo sauce good. I realize buffalo sauce is far from the hardest thing in the world to put together, but people screw it up all the time. Somehow, McD's does not.)
  • Music
    The Lost Ogle: Color Me Badd is back...