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Saturday Live Thread!

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I promise when I get my first sack of the year, I'm planking right there on the field.#MIZless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

Not a lot actually going on in Mizzou land today ... but still plenty to talk about. And first things first: bless you, Twitter, for revealing that Dominique Hamilton has perhaps the most enjoyable personality on the Mizzou football team. (If not the most enjoyable, then one helluva race between him and T.J. Moe.) I'd have never known that without you, Twitter. Now just stop with the whole "bad rumors spread like wildfire with you" thing.

1. He Still Hasn't Found What He's Looking For

Card Chronicle: Tyler Gabbert may not be a Cardinal after all
The Sporting News: Report: Tyler Gabbert leaves Louisville
Post-Dispatch: Tyler Gabbert in limbo again

A few days ago, my (Internet) friend Mengus22 at Big East Coast Bias remarked to me that he was a bit thrown by Mizzou fans' lack of hostility toward Tyler Gabbert in his decision to leave Mizzou. I said that, in signing two four-star quarterbacks in the 2010 recruiting class, we all probably assumed that one would leave, and that while the timing was a bit odd, it was not altogether unexpected. That he had already revealed commitment issues during his recruitment took away a bit more surprise. But apparently the issues were just beginning. Like Tate Forcier, Gabbert decided to transfer to a new school ... then decided, basically, to transfer again.

The new rumor is that he wants to come back to Mizzou, but that's just not going to happen. It would be great to have the quarterback depth, but obviously the coaching staff isn't going to risk chemistry issues at this point; plus, your quarterback needs to be the most committed person on the field, capable of getting everybody else to focus and rally behind him. If he's the least committed person on the field ... well, that's not good.

I bear no ill will toward Tyler, especially after his brother represented this university with such class through the years and throughout the draft process. I hope Lil' Gabbert finds what he's looking for, though I'm pretty sure his options will be much more limited this time around. Forcier went from committing initially to Miami to zeroing in on San Jose State and Hawaii. I could see something similar with Gabbert. Hey, Dave Christensen's pretty desperate for a QB right about now...

2. Ron Swanson Is Back In Your Life

Oh yes.

3. Live Music Is Awesome

This Consequence of Sound list of the 30 best live versions of songs served as my playlist for most of yesterday afternoon at work. Obviously if I were to name 30, then about 26 would be different than what's on this list, but that's not really the point. And if you're not immediately thrilled and on complete sensory overload watching "Race For The Prize," then ... well, you're not me. The Flaming Lips live experience is truly unique and incredible. They make you simultaneously feel 46 (lots of songs about death and mortality), 26 (live music snob, ftw) and 6 (ooh! look at all the balloons!).