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What We Love: The Sarah Becking Archive

Before we had Bill Carter, before we had licensed access to the Getty Images site, before schools' official sites began doing a much better job of including photo galleries in their game stories, we had Sarah Becking. She documented each Missouri football season from 2000-07 and each Missouri basketball season from 1999-00 to 2007-08 (and some other things as well). Her galleries were detailed and descriptive, and her untimely passing in 2008 broke our hearts even though most of us (outside of Bill Carter himself) hadn't met her. Her galleries are thankfully still available, and they give great insight, for better or worse, into the end of the Larry Smith era, the first seven years of Gary Pinkel, the entire Quin Snyder era, and the beginnings of Mike Anderson's run. Go have a look. And maybe even purchase something.


Sonny Riccio | Big Mo | The Legend of the Half-Peace Sign | Corby Jones' Backward Leap | Jeremy. Maclin. | The Telephone Trophy | The Rock M | Mr. Mizzou | The Nunchuk Thrust | 291 Yards | Mizzou 46, USC 25